Things Are Getting Mystical In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Shadow Of War

The next tribe of Orcs in Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is here now and it adds a level of mysticism to Shadow Of War and the enemies we will be facing off with

Things are getting a little more magical and mystic in Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War as we have the next tribe of Orcs here to look at that are given a name that also fit right in. Here we have the Mystic Tribe for the game and, as you most likely guessed, these are the Orcs that will be performing rituals and using the dark arts to give us more of a challenge in the game. It also looks like they are also just as despised by the rest of the world in Shadow Of War due to the fact that they can fight as well as use black magics on you to cause all kinds of different things. At least that is the thought here and we will not know for sure until October 10th.

It does seem a bit strange to have a tribe like this in Shadow Of War; at least to me. Given the higher paced action that will generally be going on, it almost seems like this tribe will be ripe for the plucking through all kinds of stealth means in the game. Nothing distracts you more than trying to sacrifice someone to an elder god to cause a curse on someone else out there in the world. Hopefully they will have better alarms or even mystical ones to keep us at bay or to alert them to break the ritual so we cannot just swarm in and take control of them all. That would be my tactic in the end, at least if it was something that could be pulled off with general ease.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War — Mystic Tribe

The Mystic tribe, a faction of Orcs who specialize in dark magic, rituals and incantations that date back thousands of years. In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, Orcs now belong to tribes, which extend their influence stemming from the Overlords ruling the mighty fortresses throughout the open world, providing a rich ecosystem of missions, exploration and a dynamic Orc society with diverse Orc cultures, all brought to life through the expanded Nemesis System. While the Mystic tribe's warriors are as capable as Orcs of other tribes, all of Mordor fear the curses and spells that the Mystic tribe can invoke, who call upon their black magic of the Dark Lord to torment their enemies.

What are your thoughts and feelings on the Mystic Tribe here for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War based on what we saw and the general outline? Do you think they could be easier to infiltrate and control or will they have some level of resistance to our abilities? Do you think we will see more magic flying around in this game than we saw before? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. There is still a lot of time to get more for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War and we will have everything here on the site. Keep yourself glued here so you can see it all before October 10th and then after.