Resident Evil 7 Is Going Gold Again & Bringing Zoe With It

Resident Evil 7

The release date for the final Resident Evil 7 DLC is now set and it will also be bringing along another version of Resident Evil 7 with it

Remember back when Resident Evil 7's DLC, Not A Hero was announced and then delayed earlier this year? I know I do as it was supposed to launch in the Spring and give us all more insight as to what was going on with the end of the core game. Anyways, it was delayed and there has not been word on it or when Capcom was going to be bringing the third and final bit of DLC to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Now here we are coming up toward the Fall season and now we can see that all of it is coming on December 12 of this year. Yes, both the paid and free DLC for Resident Evil 7 will be landing here this holiday season to make sure we have a nice way to end the year. Very fitting in my book, but I digress…

Yes, so the Not A Hero DLC that will take us into more of what is going on with Chris in Resident Evil 7 and the newly announced End Of Zoe DLC that will be taking us down that character's path in the game. I am not going to spoil much more of the game here as there was another announcement from Capcom that will explain why. What I will tell you though is that it looks like both were held off as they were due to the fact that they both sound like they will be taking us to places we have yet to even see in Resident Evil 7. Both of the Banned Footage bits gave us more to do in the core areas of the game, but the descriptions we have here sound like there was a lot more to be built and brought to us than we knew.

Both bits of DLC will have us going to new swamp areas in Resident Evil 7 and facing off against enemies and monsters we have yet to see. Both sound like they will be bringing something new on both ends and not just housing the same "new" creatures and areas with just different characters. Not only that, but it looks like it could all be building up to the inevitable sequel that will ensue given how well-received Resident Evil 7 has been since its initial launch at the beginning of this year.

Resident Evil 7 — End Of Zoe

End of Zoe is a shocking instalment of the Resident Evil 7 saga where players discover what Zoe’s fate will be. Players will face off against new enemies and explore new swamp filled areas. End of Zoe will be included in the Gold Edition or available as an update if you are a Season Pass owner. Owners of the original release will also able to purchase the content as a separate download for £11.99 /€14.99 / $14.99.

The free Not a Hero DLC sees the return of Resident Evil fan favourite and veteran BSAA soldier Chris Redfield. Taking place after the horrific events that befell Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7, Not a Hero brings a brand new experience playing as Chris to face new threats not met in the main game. As a member of New Umbrella, Chris and team quickly set up a strategy to counter this latest threat. Will Chris once again solve the mystery of this latest outbreak and make it out of the plantation’s dungeons alive?

In addition to the DLC announcements here, it looks like Capcom is also going to be bringing a new bundle for Resident Evil 7 on December 12th as well in the way of the Gold Edition. In this bundle, we will obviously get the full version of Resident Evil 7 but also all of the DLC that has come out and will be coming out for the game. So pretty much the Deluxe Edition of the game that came out at launch just with a new name. That was the version I picked up and still received the full game and the Season Pass so I never had to purchase any of the DLC second hand. I guess it had to be renamed as it will most likely come at a reduced cost given that Resident Evil 7 will have been out for almost a year at that point. Unless there are hidden bonuses, yet to be announced for said edition, which is what we are getting.

Are you excited to see that Resident Evil 7 is finally getting all of its DLC released here? Will this be the push to pick it up now that it is being bundled into one spot with no wait time besides being able to download it all? Are you curious as to why they are just repackaging the same bundle and giving it a different name now or do you think there will be hidden extras to have given the reason for the new bundle? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Resident Evil 7, if there is any more, be sure to stay right here, as we will have it on the site. Do not miss out on a single bit or you will be left behind.