Get Ready To Assault Some Starfighters In Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars

We get a glimpse of Star Wars Battlefront II's new mode that will have us in the cockpits of many of Star Wars' iconic space crafts and fighting ships

We have all been gearing up for the massive ground battles we will have in Star Wars Battlefront II on November 17th when it all launches on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We have all been hoping that DICE would add in a few other options into the mix since the last entry for the franchise here. As it looks now, we are being granted such a new mode as Star Wars Battlefront II is now getting a Starfighter Assault mode mixed in and it sounds pretty much as you would guess. Yes, we will be fighting in some new and massive battles in space using all of the iconic fighters and crafts that we have grown to love since EA staked their claim on the whole franchise. This is not a drill.

Of course, little has been fully revealed here for this new mode in Star Wars Battlefront II short of what was mentioned already. The following trailer does give us all a bit more a look and feel as it is all captured with in-game graphics and action, but the devil is always in the details. Have a look at the new trailer though and get ready to see Yoda in action while flying through space and also if we will get to see any of the other big named ships that have been left out here. This part of the story does take place after the events of Star Wars and when the Death Star II went through its whole ordeal. Just to throw that out there of course.

Star Wars Battlefront II — Starfighter Assault

The massive MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser drops out of hyperspace as bright lances of blaster fire streak through the blackness of space over Fondor. The Rebel Strikeforce presses its attack on the Imperial Star Destroyer and its protective screen of Light Cruisers. Between the behemoth fleets swarm dozens of tiny starfighters. Nimble A-wings pursue speedy TIE Interceptors. Flights of Y-wing attack bombers launch barrages of torpedoes in an effort to weaken the Star Destroyer's shields as squadrons of TIE/ln Fighters roar in to stop them. The war has begun!

See it all now, and much more of what's to come, in the new Star Wars Battlefront II trailer, with previews of the new Starfighter Assault mode that features improved and expanded space combat, and glimpses into the starfighter battles inspired by all three cinematic eras of Star Wars.

Is this the new mode that you were hoping for in Star Wars Battlefront II or is there something else you want to see? Are there any other iconic ships out there that you want to pilot that have yet to been seen here or do you think that DICE is holding those off until launch? Will this be more of the mode you will be playing when the game launches or do you like the normal ground run-and-gun version of it all? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we learn more on Star Wars Battlefront II and its modes, so will you. At least if you keep your attentions right here on the site and do not stray too far.