Just Who Is Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Protagonist Bayek

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A new behind the scenes video for Assassin’s Creed Origins is here and it shows us more on Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Protagonist Bayek

By now we have all seen Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Bayek and Senu in action through the various gameplay videos and trailers out there. This would be the game's protagonist and the eagle who accompanies him through his various missions and objective to help make Egypt and the world a better place. Kind of a hard duo to miss if you've been watching any of the Assassin’s Creed Origins coverage since it was officially announced. However, we still be the question as to who he is and what his motivations truly are in the game. That is of course, outside of Ubisoft needing another entry in the franchise and he happens to be the character that will lead us through it all.

This is where yet another behind-the-scenes style video for Assassin’s Creed Origins steps in and gives us just a bit more on the two in the game as well as a few new gameplay mechanics that are being used for them. For those few out there who still don't know, Bayek is one of the last Magi out there doing what he has been tasked to do. That is of course make sure the Pharaoh is protected and the people of the lands are safe and secure as well. Not the easiest of tasks, but it is does explain why he is as capable as he is in the game without a nice Assassin’s Creed trailing montage. Gods I hope we get one set in the 80s now to have that kind of montage play out.

Moving right along, we have Senu his eagle here as well. So far in Assassin’s Creed Origins it has only been shown that Senu will be Bayek's "eyes in the sky" to aid with the gameplay and still keep it all semi-grounded in the history of the time and area. At least that is what we get to go with as Senu lights up targets that Bayek normally couldn't see in the world but somehow in the past this still happened. The other interesting part here though is that Senu can be used as a form of fast travel in Assassin’s Creed Origins by selecting a location that Bayek has already been too and opting to go there. All so we don't have to break the immersion and go into a loading screen like we have in the past. I am kind of digging this new way of it all now that it is explained.

You can see more on all of this, as well as some more Assassin’s Creed Origins in action, just below in the full video giving us this behind-the-scenes look. Of course, that is if you don't want to see it all unfold organically on October 27th when the game lands on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The choice is up to you now and I will let you have it…

Assassin’s Creed Origins — Bayek And Senu

A behind-the-scenes look at the protagonist, Bayek, and his eagle companion, Senu, and why they're both critical to the experience of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Did you learn anything new for Bayek here in Assassin’s Creed Origins or have you been following along close enough to not miss out? Do you think that we will get to see much deeper sides to the character to explain specifics of his personality or will it all be "hand waved" as he is a Magi and needs to be this way? Do you like the new description on how fast-travel will work in the game? Let everyone out there know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. We will have much more on Assassin’s Creed Origins as we get closer to the release date, so be sure to keep checking in here for all of that and to stay completely up to date.