Moons Of Madness Will Be Testing Your Sanity Next Year

Moons Of Madness

A new horror title, Moons Of Madness, has been announced and it looks like Moons Of Madness will mix science with Lovecraftian horror when it launches

If you've been hoping to go back into a space or other-world setting but also have that horror aspect mixed in, then you'll be glad to see that Moons Of Madness has just been announced and heading to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018. It may not be exactly what you have been looking for recently, but it does look like Rock Pocket Games is going to try to give you some great scares while placing you in an unfamiliar setting to add to it all. Moons Of Madness is being slated as a Lovecraftian Horror in terms of horror and it looks to be taking place on Mars also. I guess it is all one step closer to getting a Ghosts Of Mars horror title out there…

I know none of that makes Moons Of Madness sounds like the most exciting game, but the trailer below will show you some really cool scenes and jump-scares that I'm sure we can look forward to in the game. That and the fact that the team is also looking to use real-world science for both the space and off-of-Earth aspects of it all and also for the mental illness that is going to be placed on the protagonist in the game. The Lovecraftian part I'm guessing is all about Shane Newehart losing his mind while in the semi-isolation of all of this and then dealing with his inner demons of some sort. Although it looks like all that we are seeing here is some weird hallucinations instead of all the other aspects of real medical conditions. I guess we will see here soon though.

Moons Of Madness — Announce Trailer

Moons Of Madness is a first person, psychological horror game that explores the internal struggles of astronaut Shane Newehart and the supernatural events that occur on research station Trailblazer Alpha, the first scientific outpost on the planet Mars.

In Moons Of Madness, Rock Pocket Games integrates the cosmicism style found in H.P. Lovecraft’s hallmark to the game’s narrative, environment and gameplay; the sense that ordinary life is a thin shell over a reality that is so alien and abstract in comparison that merely contemplating it would damage the sanity of the ordinary person.

To render this lyrical experience on screen, Moons Of Madness rely on three main core mechanics:

  • Combining hard science, based on meticulous analysis of NASA and Space X research, with Lovecraftian horror.
  • An innovative feature called “Zone Outs” that simulates Lovecraftian madness. Players are exposed to hallucinations and visions they play through as part of the game. They have to understand what the visions are expressing as they foreshadow certain events mapping out the character’s history.
  • Exploring mental illness through various game modes without antagonizing the medical condition itself.

After all of this, I am interested in seeing Moons Of Madness and giving it a chance but it does feel like the whole "Lovecraftian" thing seems to be more of a buzzword here. Is this where we are going now? Like all of the new games that are coming out with some aspect of mental illness and horror mixed together is being listed as "Lovecraftian." I'm not sure how I feel about this or if it is just as it seems here for Moons Of Madness. It could also be too early to judge that and all we have is a short trailer to give us a feel for it all. I am hoping that the final version will have more aspects of the horror and insanity side of things to make it truly fit in or it loses that descriptor for something that is more fitting.

What are your thoughts on Moons Of Madness after the trailer and brief description we have here? Do you think this will be a true "Lovecraftian" title in the end or is it just being used to grab the attentions of horror fans for now? Wouldn't a full Ghosts Of Mars video game be fun to play or would it be a horrible idea? Let everyone know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss as you wish. As we learn more on Moons Of Madness though we will have it all here on the site. Be sure to keep checking in here to stay on top of it all and see how it all pans out.