The Outlaws Are Recruiting For Their Faction In ELEX


The second faction of ELEX is here to be shown off and try to persuade you to join them when ELEX finally launches in October

Since ELEX was first announced we've had little snippets and talks on the different factions that will be showing up in the game. We've even had a trailer for one of them from THQ Nordic as well as a broad discussion for them with Piranha Bytes during E3, but that's usually been a bit more on the broadside than specifics. In ELEX there will be three different factions we will need to select from in the game and now we have a taste for the next one. Here we go with The Outlaws giving their pitch to win you over before October 17th when the game lands on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We've mentioned them before here, but The Outlaws in ELEX are more along the Mad Max style of people in this weird post-apocalyptic world. Very fitting even if there never were fantasy beasts in the desert wastes of that IP. They also seem to be the faction that looks to use the titular element of ELEX to both boost their abilities and power their gear while they are scavenging out there. While the other factions seem to be hell-bent on the tech and "magic" side of things, The Outlaws look to use whatever they can to survive and slice out their own little part of the world again. All with their own little weird outlook on it all.

ELEX — The Outlaws In Tavar

The Outlaws In Tavar

The desert of Tavar — hot, dusty and lethal. After the territorial wars ended, this godforsaken pit was the last thing anyone wanted to call home. But due to the lack of choice, the destitute survivors and outcasts took shelter and slowly regrouped, becoming a unique and dangerous faction: The Outlaws.

If you happened to forget about the other faction of ELEX that has been shown off by Piranha Bytes, here is a refresher. The Berserkers are a more "primitive" faction who have shunned the working technology for more archaic weapons and gear, but they actively consume ELEX to gain magical and supernatural powers. They are definitely the more fantasy-based faction of the world and we are still waiting to see the more Sci Fi faction, but they do say they usually save the best for last. At least if you are looking at this game in that vein. It can truly be seen in three different genre types all melded into one so you can play a bit more how you want here.

ELEX — The Berserkers In Edan

The Berserkers In Edan

Wiping the planet clean, the meteor has given the people of Magalan another chance. The world can live once more. Having found a way to transmute Elex into pure Mana, the Berserkers are transforming Magalan’s shattered wastes into lush, living woodland. Where the Albs bring destruction, the Berserkers offer true hope. As magic replaces technology, Magalan shall offer all its people a future.

What are your thoughts on The Outlaws here for ELEX? Do they look like the faction you may end up joining by the end of the game or will they stay you rivals fighting for survival and everything else in the world? Do you think they will straddle the line of the other two factions well or will they set out to be their own thing by the end of it all? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on ELEX, and hopefully the final faction, keep your eyes locked here. We will have it all here for you to take in and then make a judgement for yourself.