It Is Time To Look Under The Mask For The Upcoming Spider-Man Game


A new behind the scenes video for the next Spider-Man game has been released and it shows us more of the kind of Spider-Man we will get to play

Another huge title that we are all anxiously waiting for is Spider-Man and after a great showing at E3 this year, it looks like there was a little more to be handed out but saved for D23. That is at least that Insomniac Games was able to show the world a bit more of the behind the scenes look of the game during that event and also dive into a little more of the story on where we are in the game. We already knew that this wasn't going to be a Spider-Man origin story nor a game that tied into the most recent film, but it does seem like there is a bit to it all in the end. At least a bit close enough to make sure fans of it all are not put out into the multiple universe setting that is huge for Marvel.

Of course, this only adds a bit more to the overall story for Spider-Man and doesn't truly give us anything solid to move forward with. Like the fact that we are seeing Peter at the age of about 23 and he is in his prime for the super hero role. Much like all of the other Spider-Man stories out there, it is about mixing both his hero world and normal world into one at times. In this instance it is about Mr. Negative being the nice boss for Aunt May and helping the community when not in villain mode, but then ruthlessly trying to kill Spider-Man when in the villain mode. Things we've seen before but now they are better explained here.

Spider-Man — Story Trailer PS4

Spider-Man — Concept Art Spider-Man — Concept Art Spider-Man — Concept Art Spider-Man — Concept Art

Marvel’s Spider-Man Story Gameplay Trailer PS4 (2018) D23 Expo 2017

I am a fan to see that Insomniac Games is truly trying to make it so we can use most of the environment to our advantage in Spider-Man. We saw some of this in the gameplay demos from before, but it is something that sounds like the team wants us all to be very aware of when we play. Each mission, adventure, or whatever could play vastly different based on the location and how we perceive the area around us. I am curious to see if it is going to always be the bigger set pieces in the world or if we will have the option for smaller and more unique items to bash people in the head with. Seeing as we are still some ways out from launch, I'd say it should seem possible but nothing has been claimed as of yet.

Did you learn anything new from this new look at Spider-Man coming out next year? Do you like the idea of playing him while in his prime or would you have liked to see an origin story or an "Old Man" story for it all? Do you think we'll be able to take clipboards and coffee mugs from tables to bash people in the head with? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We should hear more for this Spider-Man out of Comic Con this week, and many more conventions before launch. If we do, we will have it all up on the site here for you. Be sure to keep checking in to stay on top of it all.