Atari Is Looking To Bring The Ataribox Out For All Your Old & New Gaming Needs


A new console called the Ataribox has been announced and the Ataribox looks to bring us all the classic and modern games fans have wanted

If you've been sitting around thinking that you needed another gaming console to play on then wait no more as it looks like the Ataribox has been given an announcement out there. As you most likely figured out from the name, this would be a new Atari console after more than two decades and it is apparently in the works and aiming to release sometime soon. Not only that but the Ataribox is also being slated as having the capabilities to play the classic titles as well as more modern ones. What all of that entails is still up in the air, but those would be the claims so far that have been released alongside some looks at the designs for the new system.

Before you think this is a complete hoax, it looks like word of the new Ataribox was first pumped out there from an email sent out to fans that came along with the new shots and few details that we have for it. It looks like the system will come in two forms from a new sleek looking black and red set up to one that looks to go back to the real old times, in the long-long ago, with wooden panels. It is also stated that the Ataribox will have multiple USB ports and HDMI output for higher resolution games. Seeing as most modern TVs require this connection now, it seems like this could mean nothing more than just the means to getting the picture out there.

Ataribox — First look: A brand new Atari product. Years in the making.

Ataribox — Wood Ataribox — Wood Ataribox — Black & Red Ataribox — Black & Red
  • The console will include both classic and new games
  • There will be two editions of the Ataribox: a wood edition and a black and red edition
  • The console will have four USB ports, one HDMI port and one SD port
  • The front panel of the console will be either wood or glass

Given that the Ataribox is stated to have both classic and new games, this could mean that this is just a stylized min-PC with its own emulation software or OS like many of the Steam Machines from before. It could mean that we would need to worry about having a whole nothing system to worry about getting its own list of exclusives to force a purchase. I'm going to hope for the prior as well as hope that it will be able to run the "new" games out there in terms of PC titles. At least that would make the most sense for Atari given the current state of things and how the competition is doing currently. It just seems like a bad idea if the Ataribox couldn't do more than its own proprietary software. At least to.

What are your thoughts on the Ataribox based on all of this limited information we have? Do you think that it will be a full blown console/PC or will it be something like the NES and SNES systems that are out there or coming just with the ability to be expanded on? Do you think it is all a hoax and there is no Ataribox really in the works? Let us all know down in the comments and then, of course, feel free to discuss. If we learn more for the Ataribox and just what is going on with it all, we will have the updates here. Be sure to keep checking in to see how this all progresses and if you need to worry about yet another system for your home.