Wild West Online Gets Some New Gameplay To Show Off This New World

Wild West Online

The new MMO, Wild West Online, has been given some new gameplay to let us see where Wild West Online has progressed to now

You may have been duped before with people claiming that Wild West Online was some form of RDR2 and then left confused when you found out it was going to be its own thing. There were a lot of people out there in that boat and it is easy to confuse the look of 612 Games' PC MMO with the recently announced other title. It happens when two games look a lot alike and get something to show it all off while another title is sitting in the limbo of rumor city. None the less, Wild West Online is coming and in the works and now we have a nice bit of gameplay to look at to get us excited to hop into the saddle of this MMO title as we wait for others to come out.

For the most part Wild West Online looks like many other MMOs out there with all of the same bells and whistles. Of course, it does have its realistic western theme to it all to help set it apart, but in the gameplay here we get to see some of the menu systems, map, fast traveling, and how a bounty can be played out. In fact, in the following gameplay you get to see how one doesn't go exactly to plan even though it is technically successful. At least for one of the players and I'm not sure if Wild West Online will have a permadeath system, so that could be something to take not of. I really hope it does to add some extra fun for the PvP aspect of it all.

Have a look at what we have for Wild West Online here and see if it looks like it is going to be something to hook you. You can currently purchase the game over at its website and get in on some of the early access to it all. At least that is how some of it all reads. None the less, it is another way to get into the old western feeling and looks to be like a fun MMO even with a lot of it still being worked out and developed as you are reading this.

Wild West Online — Official Gameplay

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Wild West Online is a systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and much, much more.

What do you think of Wild West Online as it all stands right now? Do you think it looks like it could be the better of the western games that are slated to be coming soon or is it just linking into a fad that only a small group will be able to get in on? What are your thoughts on the bounty mission as you saw and could we see some kind of permadeath linked to all of this at some point? Let us know down in the comments and of course discuss. As we get more on Wild West Online we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep checking in on the site for all of this and more.