E3 2017 Impressions — Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Life Is Strange

While at E3 I was able to see Life Is Strange: Before The Storm in a more intimate setting than just a trailer. Here's my take on Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

Another huge shocking title to make it's way out to E3 this year had to be Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. This is a prequel of sorts for the amazing title that DONTNOD gave us before and now Deck Nine Games aims to give us all a feel for where some of the other characters came from and how they better tie into the overall story. Unlike many of the other games announced and shown at E3 though, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is slated for a pretty quick release date with August 31st for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is a shorter title in the series with only three episodes slated, but that doesn't mean it won't pack a punch.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will be taking us to an earlier time in the story of the universe and will also be dropping the time-bending and reality-warping aspects to focus more on the story. That and as the story is all about Chloe and Rachel's relationship and what led to all of the craziness of the original Life Is Strange, this make sense. It is all about how the characters went from where they began to where they ended up and why things happened they way they did. That and there is the same focus on telling a real compelling story that is fit perfectly in the real world. The best aspect of the previous title in my book.

This is normally where I would dig into the nitty gritty and try to explain what was shown behind closed doors for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, but thankfully Deck Nine Games has dropped out the gameplay that they were showing. You can have a look at all of that below so you can feel like you are on the inside. Personally, I am interested to see how they make this version of Life Is Strange feel different than all of those other episodic titles that are out there already. That was the appeal with the time-bending powers and everything. Given that they are going to focus on the music side of it all here though, maybe that will be the hook. That is outside of the great story that they are working on already.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm — E3 Gameplay

As I mentioned the music here, that is going to be a main element of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. There will be loads of bands that have made it in the real world as well as a few other smaller bands that Deck Nine wanted to add into the mix. The first band you see here in the gameplay is one of those bands. I am curious to hear who else they have mixed in, but I have a feeling they are going to be a lot more of the "not made it yet" bands more than any you have heard already. Unless you are a music nut as they keep pushing here fro Chloe.