There's A Whole Lot Of ELEX Gameplay To Take In Now


New gameplay for ELEX has popped up online and we have about sixteen minutes of ELEX to pour through to and dissect now

While it seems like there are a lot of titles out there trying to hold back new gameplay for E3 next week, it looks like some new footage for ELEX has been released out there by THQ Nordic to get us all riled up and ready for some newer footage soon. At least that is how I take the most recent look at Piranha Bytes' title here as we have do have a lot of gameplay in time but not much more than a lot of walking, jumping, and occasionally shooting. Yes, get ready for a lot of what looks like B-Roll here for ELEX but with a few new bits mixed in. Just as we should have expected before the bigger showing next week.

I know I jest about it being B-Roll here, but unless ELEX is just about walking and jumping in a post-apocalyptic world, that is what this really is even though it is all in-game footage. It really looks like a few other titles out there already in terms of movement and action, and I'll let you figure out what I'm talking about here, but that is how it all looks and feels. I know there is more to it all, but have a look and tell me that you are not seeing Skyrim or Fallout here in any way just with the twist to make it its own title. I guess if it works well for others, it will work well for ELEX. Of course we'll know a lot more after next week.

ELEX — Gameplay Trailer

If that little bit wasn't enough ELEX to look through, there is a much longer version of pretty much the same kind of gameplay here. Of course there are other things shown off here, but it too is cut like a lot of B-Roll that is going to be used a lot after next week. None the less, it gives us more to look at as we wait for ELEX to launch on October 17th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Possibly other platforms as E3 does seem to bring out all kinds of fun updates and changes to our video games. Right now it will only be those platforms though.

ELEX — Gameplay Demo

Were you expecting a bit more for ELEX here or was this about right given the proximity to E3 and such? Does it look like Piranha Bytes used some of the better elements from those other titles to make this game or am I reaching in my comparison? Do you think that we will see a lot more here or will it really just be this footage over and over again until we move on to the next big convention or reveal? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. We'll have more on ELEX out of E3 for certain, so be sure to stay locked into the site here so you can see and hear everything that we have for the game in the coming week(s).