Agony Is Getting A Physical Release Now…But Has Been Delayed As Well


Horror title Agony has been delayed several months now but all so Agony will get a physical release and a lot more

It seems just like a game like Agony to give us yet another good news and bad news kind of scenario for the game. Thankfully the game is still coming to us and the bad news isn't that Madmind Studio has opted to cancel the game. Not that at all. It just looks like they will be delaying Agony for "several months" so it could be a crap shoot to see if the game will actually make it to the PS4, Xbox One, or PC before the end of the year. That of course being the original time line that we were all given when it made it through all of the Kickstarter and funding phases of its life cycle.

So what is the good news then? While some of the delay is to give Agony a little more polish, that isn't the main focus. In fact, it is only the focus because they have to delay the title to make way for the physical form of the game as they have struck a deal with another publisher to bring it to us outside of the digital form. This will of course take some extra time given that process and not on the side of development. So the team is doing a few other things, more on that in a moment, but also letting us help choose which physical cover we want to add to our gaming shelf. It is a voting system and you can see the options below and vote over on the game's Facebook page.

If just seeing the physical form coming to us isn't enough of Agony for you, or a reason to be okay with the delay a bit more, then take some solace in knowing that Madmind Studio is also going to cram in some of those missed stretch goals as now they have the time and funding. Things like more playable characters in the game and multiple endings for Agony. You know, big things that will take the extra time that they now have due to marketing and such needing to take place. So while there is a delay here, it is for some of the best things that the game could ask for. At least in my opinion here.

Agony — Physical Covers

Agony Cover Art!

Due to the fact that Agony will be released in a boxed version, all game content has to be submitted much earlier, than in a case of only digital version. (Sending marketing materials to stores, creating thousands of physical boxes, and many other changes in the game itself, which must meet the additional requirements of the box version). As a result, we decided to postpone Agony's release for several months.

This will also give us extra time to polish and expand the game. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity and give Agony fans something they fought during the Kickstarter campaign and what was unfortunately not financed - more playable characters! Many of You have asked for it, so expect something amazing and hot in this respect!

We have also added a number of different endings to the game, which will be an award for the most hardcore players, who will take their time to find all of the secrets, hiding in the shadows of hell. It is also worth mentioning that all seven endings joins together, and creates one complete story!

Are you let down that it will be quite a while before you get to play Agony or are you okay with it all? Do you like the fact that the team is going to give us a whole lot more content for the game now that it is going physical or would you rather just have the game now? Which of the covers above do you like the best and hope to come with the physical form of the game? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Agony and all of the extras that are now coming with it, be sure to stick around here. We will have them all and you won't want to miss a single thing.