LawBreakers Will Rise & Fall To The Spirit In The Sky On PS4


It looks like LawBreakers is now heading to the PS4 with all the bells and whistles as well as we have a new LawBreakers cinematic trailer to view

The LawBreakers beta has just ended here recently and more or less it sounded like many gamers out their enjoyed their experience and wanted more. Not just the beta, but for Boss Key Productions to just get the game out to them all already so they can tear it up in zero gravity. While those demands may still be a bit off for LawBreakers, what isn't far off is the fact that it will be heading to the PS4 now on top of the PC so even more gamers can get in on the fun. No word on if it will be heading to the Xbox One or Scorpio at any point, but given the team's head it doesn't seem like it would be out of the question unless a lot of money was thrown around to force a hand somewhere. It happens…

For the uninitiated, LawBreakers is another first-person shooter from Cliff Bleszinski that places us in an alternate future where the Moon has blown up under weird circumstances and has thrown the gravity of Earth off in places around the globe. I'm hoping that there is more than just the Moon blowing that causes this, but that is what it is for now. Anyways, this allows for LawBreakers to give us an omni-directional gameplay for the team-based shooter at hand. Where we have the Law and the criminals, or Breakers, fighting it out for their own reasons. In fact, you can see the whole idea here in the most recent trailer for the game to show off the announcement for the PS4 version. Have a look.

LawBreakers — Rise Or Fall

Gravity can go fnck itself in the premier cinematic trailer for LawBreakers, the new skill-based multiplayer FPS from Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions. Witness a diverse cast of gravity-defying characters clash after a heist gone wrong, as the Law and Breakers vie for control of a mysterious briefcase. What could be inside? Who the hell knows, but one thing is for certain: one side will RISE and the other FALL.

Currently LawBreakers is slated to hit both the PC and PS4 now with a release date still not nailed down at this point. Hopefully sometime in 2017 is the hope, but it does look like when it does come, it looks like it will only set you back $29.99 USD with no Season Pass and all updates for the game's content set to the low price of Free. More or less if you want it in LawBreakers, and it is out there, you'll have to earn it in game and not pay-to-win. A model that seems all the rage even though I am lost and remembering a title that was truly pay-to-win in recent history. Maybe it is just me though.

Are you glad to see LawBreakers heading to the PS4 now? Do you think that we will see it also make the jump to the Xbox or will it stay exclusive as is it is for now until the servers shut down? Did you get a chance to play the beta here recently and what are your current thoughts on it all? Let us and the world know down in the comments. For more on LawBreakers, keep checking back here. As the updates flow out there, we will have them on the site. Don't miss out on a single thing.