We Have New Darksiders III Concept Art & How The Game Has Evolved


More updates on Darksiders III have been revealed alongside some new, amazing looking Darksiders III concept art to flesh out the world

We had some interesting updates for Darksiders III earlier in the week and here we go again with even more. Not only more but a whole lot of new looks at the game and just how Gunfire Games has taken the original franchise from THQ Nordic and altered it and evolved it into something fitting for the current generation of gamers but to keep up with the changing times. That and we have a look at more concept art for Darksiders III to give us a clue into what we could expect when the game does launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Hopefully sometime this year, but that date still needs to be worked out before we can confirm anything.

First up we have all of that concept art for Darksiders III that I mentioned. More or less it is just concept art but it does show some of the vast differences between levels and "dungeons" in the game in terms of color pallet. Not only that, but we get a taste for some of the new enemies we'll be slaying with Fury. I am going to guess that these are based in Sloth's area given the bug-like feel to it all, but it is possible they will carry over between all of the different areas and Sins that Darksiders III will offer up to us. We won't know for sure until we get new gameplay and a look at all of the other Sins involved in this hostile takeover though.

Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art
Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art
Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art Darksiders III — Concept Art

In another interesting update for Darksiders III, some of the brains over at Gunfire Games have also gone into the details of what has evolved between the last two titles and this one. Some of the bigger things being that the world no longer has a "Hub" to go back to and it will feel a bit more open and accessible at all times. Something we could kind of grasp from the gameplay reveal, but there we have it. Also, it looks like they are going to try and do away with loading screens in Darksiders III so we can flow from area to area with greater ease and no loss of immersion. Given the size of the world claimed, that does seem like a feat to do, but we'll have to wait and see.

Darksiders III — How It Has Evolved

The developers at Gunfire Games talk about how they're taking the core pillars of combat, exploration, and puzzling to the next level.

How about all that new art for Darksiders III that we have to work through here? Do you like the new designs we have here or were you wanting something closer to the original titles here? Do you think that they will get a truly seamless game for us in the end or will there need to be some level of "loading" to give us the lush and huge world we all demand? Let us know your thoughts on all of this and then discuss down in the comments. For more Darksiders III in all of its forms, be sure to stick right here. We'll keep everything we can flowing on out to you as soon as we can.