Darksiders III's Gameplay Gets A Bit More Of An Explanation


Recently we had some gameplay for Darksiders III to look at and now we have some context for what it all means for Darksiders III and moving forward

A little while back we had the announcement for Darksiders III and that was followed up pretty quickly with some of the first gameplay footage for the game to show it all off more than a cinematic trailer. While it was good to see where Gunfire Games was at with the game, it was not given much context and left a lot of things out there that, in my opinion, seemed to harm the franchise. The colors, art, and the combat for Darksiders III seemed to deviate from what we all know already and showed a bit of what THQ Nordic was paying for here. It did at least show us one of the main bosses of the game and, thankfully, we have it again with more context to it all.

No, we don't have new gameplay to look at for Darksiders III here, but we do have one of the heads behind it here to speak on things and clear a few things up. Like the reasons behind the color swap and expansion over the last few titles as well as making sense of why Sloth shows up as a giant bug and what is exactly going on in the world here. Spoilers…it turns out the Sins were once imprisoned by the housemen and the events of the first Darksiders allowed them to escape. Now they are "terraforming" the world to fit their wants and needs. So all of what we are seeing is more or less an aftermath of War's and Death's adventures with Fury trying to clean up part of it too.

— Developer Talks Gameplay Lore, Puzzles, and Combat

Gunfire Games President David Adams sits down with Alanah Pearce to dissect every little detail from the first gameplay reveal of the beloved Zelda-like Darksiders III.

Besides the visuals for Darksiders III getting the change, one thing I am glad to see get reworked has been the flow of enemies in the world. It always bothered me that there would be beasts just sitting around to die and also made me question why I had to be locked into an area to beat them sometimes. Besides the game needing the mechanics and such. It looks like Darksiders III is going with a more organic reason to everything and not just a bunch of enemies waiting to die. I'm sure there will be instances where we get locked down in a fight, but it sounds like those are all but gone as well. This should make for a better game experience in the end if it all pays off.

Now that you know a bit more, how do you feel about the changes coming to Darksiders III here? Do you like the reasons for the new color pallet and the reasons for the world being where it is now? Are you also glad to see that the enemy paths, reasons, and lock downs are going to be non-existent in the game now? Let us know how you feel about all of this and then discuss down in the comments. For more on Darksiders III please try to stay here as we will keep trying to bring you all of the news and visuals for the game as best we can. At least when other outlets aren't hogging them all to force you to buy what they are selling and not just the game.