Ancestors Will Place Us In The Heat Of Medieval Battles


A new in-engine video for Ancestors has been released to show us just how the Ancestors RTS feel will go between god and unit

It's going to sound odd talking about Ancestors here knowing that there are two titles coming out with that as the main title for the game. The version we are going to talk about here though is the RTS title coming from 1C and Destructive Creations for the Xbox One and PC and not the weird ancient history simulator that we've heard a little about before. This version of Ancestors will be taking us through history, but all in the vein of murdering each other in glorious battle between four different nations. All based on historically accurate battles and wars that have taken place between the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Slavs. A vastly different title than the other even if they share a name.

In this Ancestors we will be taking control of an army to storm through medieval Europe to try and claim the world as we know it and then, if we stay accurate, lose it over time or cause our own downfall. I'm going to guess the latter won't actually be in the game, but maybe it will be hinted at in the single player of the game. Or better yet, maybe it could be the basis of the multiplayer aspect of Ancestors as I am sure we will all be winning and losing over time there. At least that would make the most sense to keep all of the historically accurate parts as they mention but also make it fun and not have many dead ends because of realism.

Ancestors — Reveal Trailer

It's a historical real time strategy game set in the Middle Ages, during 10th-12th centuries. It's our biggest project so far. It has a strong emphasis on tactical actions in both single player mode and multiplayer mode. With clever management and strategy, players will succeed in combat, on which the gameplay is strongly focused. Single player missions are based on historical events which occurred in these Dark Ages. Each RTS fan will find features that suits their needs. Those unfamiliar with the genre, should find this title to be a great starting point. Ancestors will be released on PC and Xbox One consoles.

If you watched the above trailer, then it may seem like Ancestors is not your normal RTS kind of game. This is based on the zooming in of a specific character rampaging from ship into the fortification before dying. This was all captured in-engine and is actually a gameplay feature in Ancestors. We will get the tradition "God View" during the massive wars we are playing out, but we will have the option to "zoom in" and watch the fights take place just as we saw here. Just another fun way to watch your handy work and keep Ancestors even more entertaining than just sitting back and watching it unfold from afar. This isn't the first RTS to do something like this, but so far it does look to be one of the more impressive ones. At least based on this video here.

What do you think about this Ancestors title that we have here in RTS form? Does it look like it could lead to some epic looking gameplay as your units fight everything in their path or just a gimmick to catch the eye for another RTS game? Do you think it will be a little odd having two titles with the same name coming out with vastly different premises? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. As more on Ancestors is revealed, we will have it here for you. Keep checking in on the site for all of this and more so we can better set all video games apart.