Darksiders III Shows How Fury Can Get Rid Of Sloth


New gameplay for Darksiders III has just been shown off and it gives us a look at how Darksiders III has progressed from the past titles

Earlier in the week we saw that Darksiders III was going to be a thing like many of us had hoped. Usually when it comes to game reveals that is where everything is left and then we have to wait a bit to actually see any real gameplay. At least when we all get a reveal like we did for Darksiders III that only held a cinematic trailer and nothing else. It looks like Gunfire Games is going to skip that usual procession as now we have some gameplay to gaze upon as we wait for the THQ Nordic to give us the full release sometime next year. Yes, we have some gameplay to look at and not the usual short bit at that.

I won't hold you back as I am sure you are here for the Darksiders III gameplay. We have twelve minutes of it to look at and part of it pits us against one of the bosses in the game; Sloth. One of the Seven Deadly Sins that Fury will be fighting for some reason. Have a look.

Darksiders III — Gameplay Reveal

See Gunfire Games' new protagonist Fury in action in this awesome, action packed 12 minute chunk of gameplay for Darksiders III you won't find anywhere else.

I can see how Gunfire Games is going to be updating Darksiders III over the last two as it looks like they are giving the world a little more of a "Real" vibe to it all. Before it was a bit cartoonier and that was part of the appeal. I'm not saying I hate the new look here but it will take a bit of getting used to as the last two Darksiders titles are still freshly on my mind after the remasters and re-releases. Needless to say, it looks like they are using the tech progression and using it here while still trying to keep the old look as well. I dig it.

The part that does seem a bit clunky, and this could be because of the pre-alpha state or the person playing the game, the combat looks rough here for Darksiders III. We've seen good whip and whip-like combat in many other titles, but here it looks like it is going to be a huge pain to use for Fury. More or less a lot of spamming a button for quick attacks and very little fluidity. Hopefully this is just because it is an early build, but that looks like it could hurt Darksiders III in the long run if not altered or made to feel more fluid. That is what the weapon is about and when a big-ass sword or scythe from the other titles move smoother it seems like Fury just doesn't know how to use her weapon. Hopefully it is the player and early build with changes coming.

Also something that is a little concerning here for Darksiders III is that if this is supposed to be a boss fight, it seems rather weak. Weak as in lacking any appearance of challenge. All we have here is a bunch of button mashes to bring Sloth down to the fight and then a bunch more to just deal damage and have it "explode." It seems like their "Epic Button" has been turned off here as this boss drops with relative ease and looks more like a mini-boss more than anything. Again, hopefully this is just something from the pre-alpha build and not what we should expect in Darksiders III proper, but it seems like you'd want to go big for the first gameplay reveal and this has me nervous for the full game.

Do you agree with me here for what we have for the first Darksiders III gameplay? Do you think it has to do with the player who is taking us through and the fact this is a really early build of the game or is this a sign for things to come? Do you think this is the first boss of the game and the others may be a bit more "epic" or is this the same early build issue we are seeing? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss as you like. The Darksiders franchise is a big one for me and I'll be covering every little bit that I can on the site here. Keep checking back in to see it all.