ELEX Is Bringing Us Some Berserker Rage On Magalan


The Berserker faction for ELEX has been shown off here and now we get to see just how they will be using Elex in the massive ware between factions

Not long ago we had our first taste of ELEX's prologue and were able to see this interesting world that Piranha Bytes was setting up for us in a mixed fantasy and Sci-Fi universe where everyone is out to claim precious resources. The main resource being that of the title that each faction can use to their own needs and turn the battle in their favor. Maybe you caught wind of ELEX or maybe you didn't. Given that THQ Nordic has been on fire here, in the best of ways, recently it make sense that something may fall through the cracks and this was one of them. None the less, that is the quick and dirty version of the game and now we get to dive into a bit more of the meat and potatoes.

The faction that we have here for you in ELEX are the Berserkers. As you can hopefully guess from the name here, they are the less tech-savvy of the factions as they don't use the titular element to further those pursuits or even any tech in general. No, they use the ELEX here to gain magical powers much akin to all of those fantasy settings we see, here, and play in. In fact, if you look at the following trailer for the faction you may not be able to distinguish them or the game from many of the other fantasy RPG titles out there as they blend in so well. This is either a good thing or a bad thing for the game. Let's focus on good for now…

ELEX — Berserker Faction

Having found a way to transmute Elex into pure Mana, the Berserkers are transforming Magalan’s shattered wastes into lush, living woodland. From their capital Goliet in Edan, they range through the world to find places to plant their "world hearts" – huge plants, able to revitalize the planet.

The Berserkers decline any kind of technology, with their city looking like it was lifted right from medieval times. When it comes to combat, they rely on sword, axes, crossbows… and magic.

Just in case you were further interested in ELEX or just wanted to see where this all sprung from, then I've included the prologue trailer just below so you could get a better taste of it all. Unlike the above trailer that shows off all in-game footage, this one is more of an animatic that gives you a feeling for the game's world more than anything. At least then you can be up to date on what Piranha Bytes is aiming to bring us for ELEX when all is said and done later this year. Hopefully it will make a great addition to our PS4, Xbox One, or PC games collections. Time will tell.

ELEX — Prologue

What is your takeaway for ELEX as it all stands for now? Do you agree that the Berserkers look a lot like the generic fantasy warriors in many other games or will this be a benefit to add familiarity for players wanting to dip their toes? Do you think that magic will hold up well against all of the other tech out there that the other factions may be using? Let us know down in the comments and discuss as you wish. For more on ELEX as we find it, keep checking into the site here. Hopefully there will be a lot more up to and past E3 this year. We'll hopefully see soon.