It's Almost Time To Get Our Answers In Perception Real Soon


The release date for Perception has finally been set and we get a bunch of new looks at Perception as we have to wait another month now

The wait is almost over as the big question for Perception has now been answered. That question being "when will we actually get to play this game?" It is answered now as The Deep End Games has given us such a date to look to and get ready to see the game on our PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep an eye out as now it looks like Perception is coming to us all on May 30th now. Of course I say now as in this is the first date we've been given to look forward to and not that the game has been delayed. I couldn't see that happening given how hard the team has worked on it, but the game is now in sight.

Yea, that was a whole lot of vision based humor there that I forced. It felt fitting as Perception is all about a blind girl trying to survive a night or day in a "haunted" house while seeking out some answers to things that have gone on. Hopefully all of that makes a bit more sense and all in good fun. Especially since Perception has been a game I've been looking forward to after first hearing about it and what some of those old BioShock developers have been working on for some time. It looks like a nice blending of Outlast and something totally new in terms of gameplay. Something we all need more of.

Now that the date has been set for Perception, have a look at the latest gameplay trailer for the game that The Deep End Games has just given us. It shows off what looks like a few new features in the game as well. At least that is what I am assuming as now we have a lot of color mixed into it all. This seems a bit odd but then again I'm not blind and don't understand how echolocation works out as well as those who actually use it. That or this is just a way for us sighted people to understand other parts of the game's mechanics.

Perception — Release Date Trailer

Perception is a unique horror game headed your way on May 30th, 2017!

Are you glad to see that the wait for Perception is almost over? What do you think about the gameplay that we've seen so far and do you think it has progressed in the right way? Do you think the color aspect is a gameplay choice or something with a deeper meaning that we all may not know here? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss as you wish. For more on Perception and all of its gameplay, stay here on the site so you can stay completely up to date on everything.