Resident Evil 7 Will Be No Hero This Spring But It's Okay

Resident Evil 7

The announced free DLC for Resident Evil 7, Not A Hero, has been delayed but it looks like we will get more top-notch Resident Evil 7 gaming soon

Like many other titles that promised something by Spring of 2017, it looks like Resident Evil 7 is going to be added to that list as it seems the Not A Hero DLC has been delayed. Not a huge deal given how well the game and current DLC are going, but none the less it looks like Capcom needs more time for this DLC and we are going to have to wait. How long? Well that is not set down as of yet so we'll just have to accept it and keep playing Resident Evil 7 in general to keep our selves held over until this free story DLC drops on the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Sad news indeed.

As for the reasons why the delay has happened for this Resident Evil 7 DLC, let's let the developers tell us why. All in a nice little video format to make sure we know that they are still working on everything to give us more for the game than we could have thought we needed.

Resident Evil 7 — An Important Update On "Not A Hero."

Our Dev team wanted to take the time to give you an update on the "Not a Hero" DLC. Thank you for your patience and your understanding in regards to the situation.

So, it looks like our fandom for Resident Evil 7 is partially to blame here as Capcom didn't want to let us down with some extra FREE DLC for the game. I do like that they are trying to look out for their IP and our wants and desires, but it seems like an odd excuse to give at this point unless there were some major issues for this extra little bit. Unless they are linking it all together with the other bit of DLC for Resident Evil 7 mentioned here or that should be coming with the Season Pass. There is still a fair bit of that to come. Hopefully we'll get the full lowdown on all of that around E3 at the latest so we can all dive back into the fear of the game. I know I am ready to get back in with some new things to experience.

What are your thoughts on this delay for Resident Evil 7? Does it really bother you given that it is a free bit for all or is it one of those instances you want them to take their time? Do you think that the Not A Hero DLC will be linked directly to the other bit that was mentioned? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then discuss. For all things Resident Evil 7, be sure to stay locked into the site here. We'll keep bringing you all of the fun updates and news that we can; as well as some of the sad one like this.