It Is Time For A Guided Tour Of Prey's Talos I Now


Another new video for Prey has been released and it takes us for a tour through Prey's main space station in the game, the Talos I

May 5th is almost here and that means that Prey is also about to land on our PS4, Xbox One, or PC depending on which is your chosen platform. Over the course of the last few months we've seen and heard a lot about the game from Arkane Studios and today is not going to be any different. Well, it will be different as today isn't about the weapons or the aliens or the mechanics of Prey. No, it is all about the Talos I and just how it came to be. This would be the main space station that the whole game is going to play out on/in for those who have not been following along since Bethesda started promoting and coverage began on the game.

I know, I know; no new gameplay for Prey then why are we even here? Well, it is all to get a feel for the Talos I just before we have a chance to virtually step foot inside of it. At least in a manner of speaking as we get an inside look here as to how and why it looks in the way it does. Things are not random here nor just here to make the game look pretty. As it turns out, this ship is here to promote things and lives of luxury in the game's world. The marble floors and golden statues are not just a game designer's choice to make it all look cool, but built off the story and the opulence that the company in Prey wanted to show off. So it looks cool and amazing for other reasons.

Prey — A Guided Tour Of Talos I

The aliens have escaped containment and taken over Talos I. But Prey isn’t only about fighting an invasion. And it’s not just an epic journey to figure out who you are, what you’re doing aboard this space station, and how you’ll save humanity from the Typhon threat. Prey is also about the space station itself. A shining testament to mankind’s unbridled ambitions, Talos I is more than the setting for Prey. It’s also full of secrets to discover and hidden layers to uncover. But, most of all, Talos I poses a unique threat to the player all by itself.

While not the most exciting video for Prey to date, it is nice to see how Arkane Studios has given the space station a bit of life. A life that we can soon play and have a taste of as there is a demo still to come out way on April 27th for the PS4 and Xbox One. While I'm sure it will be mostly what we've seen online already to keep spoilers low, it will be nice to be able to walk around the Talos I on our own accord and see how the Typhon are screwing things up; or the humans for that matter. Now we wait and see…

What are your thoughts on the ship's aesthetics for Prey here? Does it make sense that the corporation would spare no expense to bring others onto a ship they are doing shading things on? Do you think that will be explained or will it be another Umbrella style of things that they just spend money to spend money and look cool? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Prey in any form, be sure to stay right here on the site. We'll keep the cool news and content flowing just so you can keep reading it Trevor.