Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Keeps Us All In The Continuum Here

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The second part of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare's season pass DLC is almost here and now you can see how this Call Of Duty will be added to next week

Hopefully you are still into Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare's multiplayer and all of the extras with it as it looks like the next bit of DLC is about to drop. At least on the PS4 as the Continuum DLC will be out from Infinity Ward on April 18th for those players. There is still the PS4 first deal going on for Activision so all of you Call Of Duty fans on the Xbox One and PC will have to wait most likely another month to get it. This is the world we live in now, so we'll have to all just make due and hold out. That and fall behind on the experience of the four new maps landing for the game. Hopefully you all can play catch-up really well but as it is not cross-platform there shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Anyways, the next Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC is coming and with it are four new-ish maps for us all to play and kill each other on. One of them is even a "re-imagined" version of a Modern Warfare 2 map called Rust. Maybe you know it or maybe you don't. Either way, it is coming here soon and will be coming with another moon based map, a futuristic museum style map, and a spa/resort that we can shoot up. Call Of Duty seems to like to have us shooting up all of those fancy places doesn't it? Now we just get to add another to the growing list and then long for the relaxing visit ourselves. Maybe…

Here are all of the maps, and some fun gameplay for them, coming to Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare next week. Or this week depending on when you are checking this article out. Or maybe they already dropped and we are well past April 18th now and we can say hello to all those people in the future. Hi.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare — Continuum Multiplayer

Four bold new maps are coming in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s second DLC Pack, including the long-awaited reimagining of Modern Warfare 2’s Rust as the sprawling metropolis of Excess. Engage in frenetic firefights in the post-futurist art gallery of Archive, flip your perspective in gravity-defying sniper perches in Scrap, and hunt your enemies throughout the elite resort of Turista.

  • Turista — A plush spa and resort, Turista is nestled in the middle of a giant skeleton of an ancient creature. With sniper spots scattered across a majestic, central waterfall, Turista also boasts tight interiors for fans of close-quartered combat and a three-lane design that caters to a variety of play styles.
  • Scrap — Set in an abandoned junkyard on the Moon, Scrap features a combination of extended sightlines and tactical pathways that reward players who engage in both long and short range combat.
  • Archive — Fast, frenetic engagements set the pace in Archive, a post-futurist art gallery where tight engagements contrast with open exterior battlegrounds in this wide three-lane style map.
  • Excess — Perched atop a gilded penthouse in a sprawling future metropolis, Excess is a small, circular map re-imagined from the classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Rust, that retains the intense, fast-paced combat from the original.

Which of these new maps for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare do you like the most here? Are you glad to see the Rust map coming back in a different way or would you rather have a completely new map instead? Will you actually play through the maps as we see here or will you just always be running and gunning as is the usual case? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Call Of Duty be sure to stick around here as we will bring it all to you. You don't want to miss out on any of that.