Jason Will Have You Trapped In Friday The 13th: The Game Now

Friday The 13th

It has just been announced that Friday The 13th: The Game will allow Jason the ability to use traps to further the horror of Friday The 13th matches

We are supposed to be getting into the final stretch of Friday The 13th: The Game based on the update from last week, or at least that was the assumption based on Gun Media's thoughts of Early 2017, but that has not seemed to stop the updates and changes coming to the game. Last week we saw the new ability for Jason that Illfonic has put together for us, and now we get to see another addition to Jason to make him even deadlier. Now in Friday The 13th it looks like the player of Jason will be able to set traps. Although this may not be completely in the way you are thinking based on what it all sounds like.

Yes Jason will be able to set traps in Friday The 13th. They will all be set similar to how the counselors can already do it but with some changes to make them unique to Jason and not just a clone. We'll get into the mechanics of it all in a moment, but the first way is in just how they look. They will all be based on the random scrap that Jason would be able to collect around the camp locations. More or less a poor man's bear trap but with the added benefit that Jason can camouflage them better than the counselors. Yes it is just in the way of covering it with leaves, but in a lot of areas of the maps this can make them almost impossible to spot.

As far as how they will work in Friday The 13th: The Game, the basics will be the same. They are a consumable that can only be used a set number of times in a match based on the version of Jason you are playing. Some will get more and other less. He will be able to place them anywhere that is not inside a building, the docks, or underwater. In front of doors and windows are completely on the table though so Jason can set up some great scares for the counselors when planned exactly right.

These specific traps will also do more damage and take longer to break out of than the ones that the counselors can place in Friday The 13th. Jason is supposed to feel like he is over-powered and this is just another way to do it. Especially when you mix in the fact that he can lay them down, then hear them no matter where he is on the map, and then teleport directly to it as long as his Morph ability is not cooling down. See, Illfonic wasn't completely heartless there as they added in the chance to be able to break free and get away. At least as long as the player doesn't trip the trap while Jason is poised and ready.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Jason Traps

Q: Are Jason's traps the same asset as the counselors trap?

A: No. Jason spent a long time in the woods, alone. Honing his skills as a hunter and killer. This is a trap that he has created, using found items in the woods. Old pieces of wood, rusty nails and spikes and perhaps old bed springs from an old mattress to slam the trap shut.

Q: How do Jason traps work?

A: Jason has traps in his inventory (hud icon). Once selected (button press) Jason kneels and places trap on ground, and then covers the trap with leaves.

Q: How many traps does Jason have?

A: Each Jason will have different amounts of traps. For example, J2 might have 5, whereas J8 only 3.

Q: Can Jason find more traps in the world, like counselors?

A: No. These are basically consumables. Once set, Jason can not disarm and move them, nor can he find more.

Q: Can counselors disarm traps?

A: At this point, no. We want to wait until after launch to see what you guys think about it. We want your feedback and then we'll make changes if deemed necessary. For what it's worth, we think they are pretty fun as is.

Q: Once a counselor steps in a trap, how long does it take to break free?

A: Slightly longer than stepping in a counselor's trap.

Q: How much damage will the trap do to counselors?

A: Slightly more than the counselor's trap.

Q: Can Jason set traps anywhere on the map?

A: Jason can only set traps within exterior areas only. He can not set them inside a cabin/building/underwater/docks. Only on ground textures.

Q: Can Jason set traps near doors, windows and the car?

A: Yes. And it's awesome. You might think, at first blush, that this is too OP and could be used to troll. But Jason only has a limited amount of these.

Q: When a counselor steps on a trap, how will Jason know?

A: The Jason player will hear a "trap snapping shut" sound. He will also see the traps he set on his minimap. Traps that have gone off will be flashing on his map. He will see the same thing when he opens his Morph map interface.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Counselor Trapped

To be honest, the trap feature for Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game does sound like it is going to be on two very far ends of the spectrum. I can see players loving the tension and anxiety that the mechanic can add, but I can also see players crying out to Gun Media that they made an already over-powered being even more over-powered. I'd like to err on the side of good fun, but I really don't see a middle ground at all. At least not until we get to try it all out when Friday The 13th: The Game finally launches. Hopefully the Early 2017 still means before the end of April as they have stated before…

What do you think about the new addition of traps for Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game? Do you think it will add a great bit of gameplay in the end or will it seem to break things for all the players? Do you think that the counselors may be getting something like this in the future or will they stay where they are for now? Give us all your thoughts on this and more down in the comments. Hopefully we will have a lot more for Friday The 13th in the coming days and when we have it, we will bring it to you. Be sure to keep checking back in so you can stay up to date on all of it.