Prey Is Now Letting Us Play With Power…s


New details on Prey's alien powers and human upgrades are here and it shows just how in Prey we will be playing with more power

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Prey was slated to get a few new videos to look at to go over the alien powers and upgrades that we could jam into Yu's eyes. We've already seen a nice smattering of them all already but just when you though that Arkane Studios has shown them all, they have a few more in the wings waiting to be seen. Now we get to see them and hopefully not all for Prey here as we still need some surprises come May 5th and hopefully Bethesda is going to reel it all in to make sure we aren't left wanting but also don't know it all. That is the hope at least.

Anyways, here we have two new videos for Prey that explain off why and how we will be upgrading our human and alien sides in the game. From the onset we will only be able to upgrade our human skills to become faster, stronger, and smarter based on the skills we pick up. Then at some point in Prey we will gain the ability to scan the Typhon and this is where we will unlock the alien skill trees. Of course those are all option trees as it does require us to go out, hunt, and observe them long enough to gain access to everything. Seeing as there is a trade-off that needs to be looked at, it may not be worth the time and effort. That all depends on you though.

In the mix of all of the powers here for Prey, it looks like a few new ones have been thrown in for us. There is one that will let us set a fire trap in the game and another that will allow us to force one of the hostile Typhon to become out ally. If this is a permanent change or just a temporary one has still yet to be explained by Arkane Studios, but I'll guess it won't be at first but with some further Neruomods you can then control the entire ship. Or at least a nice progression to that level of dominance. At least that seems like it would make the most sense.

Prey — Playing With Powers

You’ll need more than just your wits to take on the Typhon aliens that are threatening to destroy mankind. But why stop with the weapons and gadgets you’ll find aboard Talos I? In Prey, Morgan Yu also has the option of “installing” a wide range of human and alien abilities. Get a look at some of the powers you can use against the deadly Typhon – along with exclusive insights from the team at Arkane Studios.

Prey — Neuromod Research Division

Never mind the improvements to the Neural Modifier (or “Neuromod” for short) – including “smaller insertion points” on the rapid release needles that you literally jab into your eye. The real innovation is what this device can actually do: alter your neural circuitry in very potent ways. This isn’t just about enhancing your human abilities – like boosting you strength, speed, hacking skills and more – but also acquiring unique abilities that have been learned from the hostile Typhon aliens aboard Talos I

Which power in Prey looks to be your favorite so far? Do you think that we'll be able to keep solid control for all of the Typhon we come across in the game or will that be way beyond our bounds? Do you hope that Bethesda has kept a few more of the powers and weapons hidden from us to give us surprises or have they already blown their wad? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and discuss. As always, we will bring you everything we can for Prey as we head toward the launch day. Be sure to stick right here so you won't be left out in the lurch on all aspects of the game.