Final Fantasy XV Shows Off How Gladio Will Face Off With Gilgamesh

Final Fantasy XV

The first gameplay for Final Fantasy XV's upcoming Episode Gladiolus DLC has been shown at PAX East and it looks like Final Fantasy XV is getting some new game mechanics

If you were out at PAX East and had a chance to get into the Final Fantasy XV panel or showing then you may have seen this already. Good for you. Everyone else who happened to miss out on it all will be glad to know that now we have our first true look at the Episode Gladiolus DLC that Square Enix is giving us on March 28th here. It's been super-hyped so far as it not only lets us play part of the game as Gladio, but is also adds in some new gameplay mechanics for Final Fantasy XV that we have yet to experience. This seems to be an ever growing beast of a game here if we can expect the same out of all of the planned DLC yet to come.

Of course, story spoilers are ahead here as we have the base trailer to look at and get us amped to continue the story of Final Fantasy XV. As suspected it shows us what happens to Gladio during the part of the core game where he is not on our team. It looks like there were some solid reasons for him to walk off into the sun for and that is exactly what we are getting here. I won't say much more as I'll leave it up to you to spoil whatever you want, but it does look like it is going to be an amazing little bit of extra content for the game.

Final Fantasy XV — Episode Gladiolus PAX Trailer

Check out the official Episode Gladiolus PAX Trailer shown at the Final Fantasy XV panel discussion at PAX East 2017. Introducing a new storyline and fresh gameplay, continue the journey as you play Gladio for the first time ever!

If you spoiled that or not, then again I won't get into much detail in terms of the extra story for Final Fantasy XV. For those who want to see even more, there is further gameplay of the DLC to look at here and it kind of shows off the twist of the gameplay to combat as was to be expected. It looks like it is very much more action oriented than the core game given how Gladio is designed in general, but it looks like he can still call upon some extra abilities kind of like a smaller version of a Limit Break from other games. Not much in detail is said here, but you can see a lot of it playing out with even more story spoilers if you really want to toss all of that away.

Final Fantasy XV — DLC Gameplay Episode Gladiolus

Are you excited to finally get the expanded story for Final Fantasy XV with this DLC? Do you think that this will turn this portion of the game into a button-mashing event or will there still be some free-flow in the end? Do you think that the other character's DLC episodes will be about the same or will we hopefully see a lot of drastically different styles of play to it all? Go ahead and let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Final Fantasy XV and all of its DLC, keep your browser locked into the site here. We'll keep all of the information flowing out as we can.