Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets A Whole Lot More Shown Off Just Before Launch

Mass Effect

The launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda is out to look upon and there have also been a lot more on this new Mass Effect's features & characters

With still only a little more than a week until we are all playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and forgetting everything else that is out for now, it looks as if BioWare opted to give us another massive information dump for the new game as well as a pretty solid looking launch trailer well before it is generally warranted. I'm not going to complain as the more I get to see for Mass Effect: Andromeda the happier and more excited I get for sure. More so when it is all done in an extremely cinematic way which is even more fitting for the whole franchise so far and I personally applaud it all. I just hope that this is still only the tip of it all as I can't wait to experience the whole game and see it all play out just like this trailer here.

I'll stop gushing over it for now as I am sure you are here to see just this new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Have a look at is just below and join the hype train that I am currently on as I try to figure a way to make the next week fly by just that little bit faster. Do enjoy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Launch Trailer

We’re closer than ever to taking you to Andromeda. To celebrate, we’ve put together a launch trailer for you to enjoy and share with others. This trailer means a lot to us too. Many of us have been working on this game for years, and to see all of these moments put together in one trailer helps even us realize just how big this adventure is. But even more humbling are your reactions – your excitement and your enthusiasm give us all energy to keep going.

Amazing right? Of course it was. BioWare also made it in such a way that doesn't look to spoil any part of Mass Effect: Andromeda in any major way as could have been. But if that wasn't enough for you for now, then behold a bunch of other new videos that go in a bit more into the details for characters, the Nomad, and some of the worlds that we've been hearing about before now. Given that these are breakdown style of video s here be ready to have a few things spoiled for you as there are a few discussions had. Nothing too major, but if you want to have all of the surprises like hidden creatures or character personalities when you play Mass Effect: Andromeda the first time, then you may want to skip right along. Don't say I didn't warn you here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Touring The Tempest & Meeting The Crew

Take a tour of the Tempest, your new spaceship for traveling between planets and for conversing with your crew mates.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Driving & Upgrading The Nomad

We take a drive in the Nomad, Mass Effect: Andromeda's new vehicle used for planetary exploration.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Vast Worlds

Take of tour with us as we explore Voeld, Kadara and Eos in Mass Effect: Andromeda and encounter some massive enemies.

Are you ready for March 21st to finally get here so we can all play Mass Effect: Andromeda and see the rest of the game's universe? How dramatic of differences do you think each character will have as you progress through the main story and make your choices? Will you opt to run everyone down in the Nomad if you have the chance to? Discuss all of this and more down in the comments. Of course if we get more for Mass Effect: Andromeda in any form we will have it on the site here for you. Keep coming back so you can see all of that and read our own thoughts on all of these great games we have coming soon.