Agony's Demons Have Been Set Loose & We Need To Control Them


A better look at the demons of Agony has been released and we also get to look at how we get to control them in Agony to get around Hell

Here we go as Agony's demons have been let out and now we get to see more than just a slight tease for them as we did last week. In fact, it looks like Madmind Studio has put together not one, but two different teasers to show of the demons in the game so we can all have a lot more to haunt our nightmares and daydreams. The team really lives up to the name over there in terms of the mad but don't let that stop you from seeing more for Agony as we continue to wait for the official release sometime this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And Gods, there is a lot to see here today with these new demons.

The video warns you as well, but I'll throw it in there as well. Given the setting of Agony there should be no doubt that there are going to be some disturbing visuals mixed in. We are trapped in Hell after all and that is to be expected. Also, given that the protagonist has the ability to control some of these demons that are lurking, we also get a look at what they do when not hunting you or being controlled by you. Take that into account before you click the play button on the full demon trailer for Agony here. You've been warned and you will be warned again here.

Agony — Demons Trailer

Agony is a first-person survival horror game currently in development. Players will begin their journey as tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about his past.

The special ability to control people on their path, and even possess simple minded demons, gives the player the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions they are in.

By exploring hostile environment and interacting with the other weary souls of the hellscape, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require a meeting of the mystical Red Goddess.

Now that Agony's demons have properly disturbed you, it is time to actually see how they work in the game directly. Here we have some of the first footage of a demon being possessed and used by the player to get to the fabled Tree Of Life. Before now we've been told that we will only be able to control some lower level demons in Agony but if this video is accurate, then it looks like at some point we'll be able to hold sway over more potent ones. Mainly as this one here is also labeled as a more powerful demon; so either Madmind Studio has a different definition of power than I do or this is something that can be done at a later point in the game. I guess we'll find out.

Agony — Demon Gameplay

It isn't very well presented here and there have been a few questions as to why as a lost soul in Hell we are harming other lost souls. As it turns out, this is part of the gameplay mechanic in Agony that lets the player keep control over the demon. Pretty much the demon is trying to regain its control but as you do "demon things" it relents a bit and allow you to keep control a bit longer. There is no indication of this on the screen and I'm guessing an in-game tutorial would explain this in the final build, but that is how this will work in Agony. It is an optional mechanic in the game so you are not required to do this, but if you want to demon-ride you will.

Also, as I am sure you spotted it as well, there is a weird hazy bar that fill and vanishes in the bottom of the screen here. At first I thought it was linked to the level of control you were at with the demon here, but it looks like it is something else altogether in Agony. I'm going to guess that it is a stamina meter of sorts for the demon as it looks to fill and contract based on the movements and actions and not the actual killing of the other lost souls. Unless there is some way for it to be altered outside of anything else as it seemed to go away when standing still for a few seconds and not when the demon is doing its thing. Hopefully we get more on this as Agony's development continues.

Agony — Demons Agony — Demons Agony — Demons Agony — Demons

How disturbed by all of these demons in Agony are you now? Do you think that this will only be the tip of the iceberg as it comes to them or have we seen all of the bigger ones for now? Do you agree that the bar at the bottom of the screen is tied to something else or is it the level of control you currently have on said demon? Let us know all of your twisted thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Agony pours out there, we will have it for you. Be sure to keep checking in to the site so you can further disturbed as it all presses on.