Xbox Gamers Will Also Get To Come Inside With Perception Now


A new gameplay trailer for Perception has been released and it is also here to announce that Perception will also be coming to the Xbox One

Good news for those Xbox One gamers out there who were excited to see Perception in action but then let down when it was only announced for the PC and PS4. It looks like The Deep End Games will also be bringing their horror title to you as well now so all of the consoles and systems will get some love. Well, outside of the Switch for now as there is no word if Perception will be heading there at all, but the three big platforms will be seeing the game so there is that good news. Now we just need to wait and see if there is any more information or news to come for Perception for now. I know there will be something soon. I just don't know when…

To go along with this announcement, as usual, there is a new trailer for Perception to celebrate it all. While it may just look like the same old scenes of the Daredevil style of seeing for this blind girl, there are a few new bits hidden in there. Mostly just scenes and the creepy fact that the entities in the game will and may talk back at you. This is most likely a story bit and not something that will persist through the whole game, but could you imagine if it did? That and it happened at truly random intervals? That would make Perception even scarier than it looks right now. As if being a blind girl in a haunted house using echolocation to move about with enemies that are attracted to sound wasn't bad enough.

Have a look for yourself though and then get ready for the wait as we still don't know when Perception will be releasing. Now we just know the platforms and that is enough to get us going for now. I think…

Perception — Xbox One Teaser

Perception is a narrative horror adventure where you play as a young blind woman.

As Cassie, you must use echolocation to explore a terrifying mansion in New England, and solve its many mysteries - all while trying desperately to evade the evil presence that lurks the estate.

Crafted by a small team of industry vets from titles like BioShock and Dead Space.

Were you feeling out in the lurch because Perception originally wasn't coming to the Xbox One or is this just a happy surprise? Do you think that the entities in the game will respond more than just this canned scene or will it just be a horror story device? Do you think that there is any possibility of it coming to the Switch? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we find out more for Perception we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep checking back in to make sure you are fully up to date on all that is going on for the game.