The Next Character Joining Street Fighter V Has Been Revealed As Kolin

Street Fighter V

The next character for Street Fighter V's second season has been set as Kolin who will be joining Street Fighter V from way back in the Street Fighter III days

Here we go with yet another blast from the past hitting Street Fighter V in way of the season two of DLC. It looks like a little known named character of Kolin is making the leap from Street Fighter III to Street Fighter V as Capcom as announced her to be the next character to hit the game. Hit the game and also hit it on February 28th just in time to add one more chill item to the list before we head into Spring. That pun will make more sense here in a second for those who may be scratching their head on that one.

Some of you hardcore fans may remember Kolin from the past title but when it comes to Street Fighter V not only will she be there to fight but also will be bringing all of the other features that the fighters have in terms of costumes, premium battles, and story. It looks like her story not only involves how she came into the fight but also how she received her awesome new icy powers that you can see below. Yes, she is a Russian character who also has ice powers mixed in with here V-Trigger and Critical Art using it all to its fullest in the fight. Well at least more or less without turning this into a super hero fighting game at the end of the day…

Street Fighter V — Kolin

Kolin, the Phantasm of Snow and Ice, joins Akuma in Street Fighter V February 28th!

It may have been hard to see here in the trailer but Kolin's V-Skill allows her to counter and deflect attacks when pulled off correctly. Her V-Trigger skill gives her and icy stomp ability that can not only knock opponents off balance in the match, but can also freeze them and the V-Meter when connecting both. Obviously you didn't miss the Critical Art here as they are generally not to be missed in Street Fighter V, but once she connects with a knife chop to the opponent, towers of ice erupt to lift them up and then shatter to drop them back down. Like I said, that you most likely didn't miss in the above trailer there.

Was Kolin the character you were expecting to see make it into Street Fighter V here or was your heart set on a different character? Are you that shocked that she has been given icy powers in the heat of battle or do we see this becoming more of a trend from Capcom to keep things feeling mixed up? Who do you think will fill out the rest of the slots here for season two? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Street Fighter V is revealed and discuss, we will have the highlights here for you. Be sure to keep checking in so you don't get caught by surprise.