Will You Reign Supreme In For Honor Or Die Like The Rest

For Honor

A new trailer places you in the heart of For Honor's battle and gives us a unique look at just how For Honor's combatants can look at the whole game world

In only a few days everyone will be able to get into the middle of For Honor as the open beta kicks off on the 9th here. Then just a few more days from then and we will all get to dive into the official game as it will officially hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the 14th soon. All of which is stuff you should already know here with For Honor. I bet you'd like to have a taste of what the battle could feel like right now as we continue to wait. I'm not the only one who thinks this as it looks like Ubisoft did as well and now we have a chance to get into the heart of battle here a few days before even the open beta kicks off.

How is that? Well as it looks, we have a new trailer for the game and this time it isn't just some stock footage but a new 360° experience to get us right in the mix of For Honor. Well at least one faction's side of the mix and also one that doesn't look to be doing so well in the fight as you get to pretty much watch the slaughter. At least you can do it using whichever VR viewing experience you want though as that was the whole design here. This gimmick is here and here to stay most likely so we might as well embrace it and do so again here with For Honor. I mean, why wouldn't we as we wait for the beta and launch anyways? It just makes good sense.

Have a look at the brutality here and then just get further prepared to join the Faction War in For Honor. Hopefully we will all fare a bit better than all of these warriors we get to see in the following video here. Now I kind of wished that For Honor had a full VR mode for those systems that could handle it all. Wishful thinking though as I am sure it won't happen given how Ubisoft rolls here and keeping the experience open to all the platforms that they can.

For Honor — In The Heart Of Battle

Step into the heart of battle in this 360° video and explore the war between factions firsthand. Experience the thrill of battle in the For Honor Open Beta.

What did you think about this new "experience" here with For Honor? Do you think it would have been awesome to have seen a VR mode for some of the game if not all of it? Do you think that the possibility of that is completely out the window or do you see it possibly getting added down the road in a few updates or maybe even mods? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. As with all things For Honor, be sure to stick around the site here as we will certainly bring you all of the little videos and tidbits that we can. Don't miss out on a thing.