Welcome Home To All Of The Horrors Husk Has To Offer


New horror title Husk has just released and a new trailer showing off all of the twisted horrors of Husk has been released

As if we didn't already have enough horror out there or coming soon to fill us up, now we have Husk and it just launched as you are reading these words from beyond the grave. Wouldn't that be a trip if we just called something there? None the less, UndeadScout and IMGN.PRO just released this new title for the PC today and there is still little known outside of a few great trailers. In fact, we have yet another trailer for Husk to show off that dives into the game's story ever so slightly as well as show off a great atmosphere that we can immerse ourselves in. At least that looks to be the case from all of the trailers we've had and now this.

In case you have yet to hear about Husk, the year in 1995 and we take on the role of Matthew Palmer after he has awoken from a train crash. He's alone and looking for his wife and daughter. The only thing that tells us and him where in the Hells he is would also happen to be a sign that says Shivercliff. Now it's off to save the day and your family in this really creepy town. If all of that sounds familiar it is worth noting that Husk was inspired by both Silent Hill and Alan Wake. Not a huge secret as the team has been forward about this, but it sure does sound like a lot more than inspiration was used here if you ask me.

I wish I could tell you more about the gameplay and mechanics of Husk but seeing as very little has come out on all of this, we are just going to have to assume things from the description and trailers. At first it does look like a "walking simulator" in a haunted location, but then you need to remember the other bits of inspiration and hope that we get all of those elements mixed in too at some point. I mean, with all the weird demon things running around here we should have a way to defend ourselves from whatever they have to offer. It makes sense to me and I guess it is time to check it out for ourselves now. At least if you want to give this smaller title a fighting chance.

Husk — Welcome Home

Husk is a purebred FPP horror inspired by the most classical representatives of the genre.

Does Husk look like the kind of horror game that is right for you or will it be lost in the mix of all the others? Do you think that the game mirrors too close to the other titles for UndeadScout to truly feel like they brought an original title? Does any of that matter and you just want more horrific shit to flood into your eyes and warp your mind no matter what? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss as you wish. For more on Husk and games like it, be sure to keep checking in here for more as we will keep the news and updates flowing and you most likely won't want to miss out.