For Honor Has Plans To Keep The Fight Going Well After Launch

For Honor

A new For Honor video shows off just what is coming with the season pass as well as how For Honor will expand even further post launch for all

It looks like the For Honor news just keeps flowing out there this week and here we are again talking about the contents of the Season Pass and the post launch content that will be coming to the game on and after February 14th. If you've been following along here then you may already know that this Season Pass isn't like the many others that Ubisoft has pumped out there for the myriad of other titles in their library. This one will mainly include a whole lot of For Honor extras right out the gate at launch and then more or less let you have early access to all of the other heroes and warriors that will be joining the Faction War along the way. But none the less, it is up for pre-order if you like the details that are about to follow.

More or less, For Honor's Season Pass will mainly focus on the exclusive outfits, sunbeam effect, three emblems, and the additional gear from the start of the game. Also you'll be tagged as having "Champion Status" which will bring you more XP and loot for all of the things that do this. If you like the exclusive looks and such for your characters then there you go. I say this as it does list out that there will be six new heroes coming to For Honor over time but seeing as they will only unlock for free and seven days early, I wouldn't count that as the best bonus. Especially when by free I mean that it won't cost you any in-game currency to unlock like all of those players out there who will need to grind to unlock. So it's like a pay not to play kind of thing to me.

For Honor — Season Pass & Post Launch

Get details on For Honor's Season Pass and what updates to expect post-launch.

For Honor's Season Pass is available with the Gold Edition and includes Six all-new heroes with 7 day early access, 30 days of Champion Status, and more. Watch now to learn more about the future of For Honor.

I mention all of this as it does look like Ubisoft is going to be opening things up to all at some point without the need of For Honor's Season Pass. Not only that, but it looks like the game's world will also be expanding as each "season" of the faction war will bring in two more of the six new heroes as well as add area to the game's map to be fought on and controlled. All of which for free for all players of For Honor but timed exclusivity for those holding the Season Pass. I do like the fact that they are taking the path of bringing the full game to all of the players but it seems very "off" to charge for early access only. Especially since it looks like it will cost players an extra $30 or so to gain this extra access. There could be more to it, but that is where things lay as of now.

Are you glad to see that For Honor will continue to change and evolve for free over the next year at a minimum? Do you think that we could see more truly exclusive items for those who paid the extra price or will it always be just early access? What do you think the other six heroes will be at the end of the day here? Let us know what you are thinking and planning down the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on For Honor as it is revealed, be sure to stick here as we'll bring you all of the updates that we can and hopefully more. Only a few more weeks now and one open beta to go…