For Honor Is Getting An Open Beta Just Before Its Official Launch

For Honor

The closed beta for For Honor has ended but now it has been confirmed that For Honor will also be getting an open beta just before launch

Maybe you were in on the recent For Honor closed beta or maybe you missed out. Maybe you were given a key to join in the fight from Ubisoft but it was for a system or platform you couldn't play it on. Whatever the case may have been here, it looks like an open beta is not on the way to For Honor so that all gamers out there can give it a try and also make sure that all of the game servers are up to snuff just before launch. Especially since this new beta access is slated only days before the game's official launch. Yes, For Honor's open beta will be on February 9th to the 12th while the game officially launches on the 14th there. Not much time to take in much of that feedback now is it?

Of course we see the word Beta and think that we will be out there not only fighting the good fight in For Honor's gameplay and faction war but also that we will be fighting the fight to make sure the game is balanced and ready for launch. Don't read that here though as I am sure it is a stress test for the servers at the end of the day as well as a last push to get more gamers to want to pick up the full version of the game right at launch. Why else cut everything so close here right? It can't just be to give the fourth gameplay mode a test in the wild when the product has to be already printed to disks and packaged up for consumers.

Outside of getting a taste for the game with this 'beta' it does look like Ubisoft is giving those willing to give For Honor a shot a taste of the Elimination mode. It was not in the closed beta but that looks to be the only other addition to things here besides all of the new players giving the game a shot just days before it hits game shelves. That and I am sure it will pad the servers even more for those reviewers out there who need to give the full game a play and not have to wait for the online mode to be fully functional days or weeks after launch. That mistake was already made and it looks like some learning has gone down there.

For Honor — Open Beta

Enter the world of For Honor and fight other players.

Fight for your faction with nine unique warriors on six different maps and four multiplayer modes as you master the Art of Battle in the For Honor Open Beta, coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 9th to 12th.

Are you excited to give For Honor another go in this form or do you think that there will be too much lag on the servers to make it fully enjoyable here? Do you think it is strange for them to hold something called a beta so close to the release of the gold version of the game? Do these kinds of marketing ploy work on you or do you just give them a chance to see if the game is worth your time and money here? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on For Honor though, be sure to stick right here. We'll have more on the game as we get closer to launch and you won't want to miss out on a single thing.