Soon We Will All Be Lost In The Horrors Of The Crow's Eye

The Crow's Eye

A teaser for The Crow's Eye has been released to show off the dark environments of The Crow's Eye that we'll have to survive and solve puzzles in

In the mix of all of the big horror going on today in gaming, let's take a moment to look at a smaller title that will be coming soon here in the way of The Crow's Eye. This is a new little title for the PC that will be launching here in Q1 of this year from 3D2 Entertainment and Nkidu Games that places us in a shutdown medical university with a very dark history. So dark that it was shut down in the game's world due to a lot of unexplained disappearances of students, police officers, and professors. The Crow's Eye does have the nice little psychological-horror thing building up there pretty well it would seem as it follows all the right footsteps.

Where do we come in here for The Crow's Eye though? Well it looks like we wake up as one of said people who went missing almost twenty years after it was all shut down. Of course we are confused and have no clue what is going on but it looks like someone wants us to solve some puzzles and bypass some obstacles to further some experiment that is going on here. Presumable the reason for all of the other disappearances in The Crow's Eye but I'm guessing we'll figure all of that out as we press on in the game and hopefully make it to the very end of it all. At least that seems like a safe bet given how video games normally roll here.

The Crow's Eye — Teaser Trailer

The Crow's Eye is a videogame full of adventure, puzzles, investigation, suspense and terror in which you play as a man that finds himself trapped in an old abandoned medicine university, which held a high reputation 20 years ago.

The Crow's Eye sounds a lot like the basic idea of Portal without the humor or the flashy new tech to get around. At least based on the description of it all as we have a lone person who wakes up somewhere without knowing how they got there. A faceless, so far, scientist driving us through all kinds of trials and puzzles to press onward. All of which aimed to add to the overall experiment and solving of what actually happened to not only us but all of those other people who went missing. Maybe that is a bit of a simplification but even so, if The Crow's Eye is like that then we may see a winner here from 3D2 Entertainment as well as another great horror game to enjoy.

What do you think of The Crow's Eye as it stands here? Do you think that my simplification holds some kinds of ground here or do you think it will veer in a very different direction once we get to see some more gameplay? Do you think that Q1 needs to be labeled as the time of year for horror in video games or will we still try to keep it as October to go along with Halloween and such? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for The Crow's Eye is revealed, we will try to have it all up here on the site for you. Be sure to stick around here as you'll want to try and stay as informed as possible as we press on.