Let's Tour Resident Evil 7's Real World Experience In London

Resident Evil 7

A new 'tour' video for the Resident Evil 7 experience has been released to give all a taste of the real world Resident Evil 7 home participants will escape

In a few short hours from this posting we will all be able to dive into Resident Evil 7 and see how it lives up to the franchise, genre, and gaming world. So far it looks like reviews are generally in the very positive side of it all as I am sure that Capcom is happy about. Our review of Resident Evil 7 will be incoming soon as well. That of course isn't why we are here though as the fun for the video game has been going on a lot more outside of the digital space and some of it in the real world. All in a way of an escape room style experience out in London where those brave enough to give it all a try can go through some of the experiences and trials that the video game version of the characters will experience in Resident Evil 7.

Well, not all of us fans live in an area close enough to give the experience a try nor do a lot of them even live in the country there. That is why we now have a nice little "tour" video of the Resident Evil 7 experience out there to show us just about what those fans will get to go through in their real life. Again, for those at least brave enough as it all does look like one twisted reality that Resident Evil has already built and expanding on in the next game. Although from the looks of it all it looks to be going along the lines of the demo more and more than the full game in general. Then again, this is only a taste of things that have been going on for a few days now.

Resident Evil 7 — The Experience

Over the last four days Resident Evil 7 The Experience opened its doors to hundreds of willing (and brave) participants in London to come and survive a real life horror escape experience, all based on the upcoming gameplay in Resident Evil 7 which launches tomorrow across Europe and North America.

It does look like Capcom has a really nice setup there to scare the shit out of fans who give it all a try. I can completely see Resident Evil 7 shining right through here in all of the aspects although it would have been nice to see just about what is really going on in the experience as it sounds like the scare-actors are allowed to follow you and keep the frights going if you don't plan ahead. I guess we'll just have to wait for the reaction videos that will surely be coming here in the next few days as more and more fans get a chance to recover from all of that as well as dive into Resident Evil 7 properly here. I know I can't wait.

What are your thoughts on the Resident Evil 7 experience as it looks to have been laid out here? Do you think it will offer up more than just your average horror escape room experience or will it be about on par? Do you think that we may see a "world tour" of sorts for this as we get closer to Halloween or will it stay just the basic promotional thing that it started out to be? Let us know all of your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As more for Resident Evil 7 comes out in any way, we will have it here for you. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of it and I hope there is even more to come.