It's Almost Time To Tip The Scales Of War In For Honor's Closed Beta

For Honor

New details on For Honor's upcoming closed beta have been revealed and it looks like we'll see nine of For Honor's warriors in action here soon

Next week we will see the For Honor closed beta kick off on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC as well as the metagame they are calling the "Faction War." Not a huge secret and people are still holding out hope that they will be in on this beta as Ubisoft still has not sent out confirmations as of the time of this posting on who is in or not. What has just been shared though is just what parts of For Honor we will get to experience in the game here when everything kicks off on January 26th. We'll then have four days to give it all a solid testing and see if our pre-order was worth it all or not.

In the closed beta here we will get to select between three of the warriors in each of For Honor's different factions. That would be nine different warriors and it looks like the three that were shown off this week will not be in the list. Not too surprising there but I was hopeful that they would be. We'll also get to play on six different maps with three of them being brand new ones so there is at least that. In terms of the modes we will see only three of those from For Honor in action with Dominion, Brawl, and Duel. Each giving us a bit of the flavor for the different levels of combat from mass to one on one.

For Honor — Beta Experience

The beta lets you choose between nine of the game's heroes between all three of the factions. They are Samurai, Viking, and Knight with each faction having their own pros and cons in gameplay. There will be six playable maps, three of which are brand new, and three available online modes to play in Dominion 4x4, Brawl 2x2 and Duel 1x1. The beta will be available on both Xbox One, PS4, and PC and run from January 26th through the 29th.

With the closed beta starting up here, For Honor's Faction War metagame is also kicking off. Again, not a huge surprise as it has been pretty well emphasized in all of the media as of late but none the less it is coming too. This is the real-world leader board style thing that will show how much territory a faction has claimed and how much blood they have shed; so to say. This will kick down in-game rewards in terms of skins and other things as mentioned before but it is also starting for those lucky enough to be in the closed beta here that Ubisoft is running. Then just a few more weeks until For Honor finally launches.

For Honor — The Faction War Metagame

Are you ready to join the fight in For Honor or do you think you'll be left out of the closed beta? Which of the nine warriors do you think you will use as your main or will you always be changing things up? Do you think it will be fair to keep the Faction War going and carrying over to the full launch for those who will not be part of the beta? Let us know all the thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. As For Honor gets more information and gameplay revealed, we will have it here for you. Be sure to stay right here as we'll keep it all coming and out on the site in short order. Don't miss out now.