Husk Will Be Terrifying Us All Early In February


The release date for Husk has finally been set and gamers will be playing Husk early in February on their PCs

Horror fans should rejoice as here we go with another title coming our way in the form of Husk as it now has a release date for us. Maybe you've heard of the game or maybe you haven't but that doesn't change the fact that UndeadScout is bringing it to us on February 3rd as of now. Until now it has been a relatively quiet development cycle for Husk but it has caught our eyes over here and has also put out some rather creepy gameplay videos so it can live up to the likes of Silent Hill and Alan Wake. Both titles that the have been listed by IMGN.PRO as the inspiration for even trying to craft this game. Not that they are ripping them off just as an FYI in case you think that.

In addition to the release date, we also have another trailer for Husk that shows a bit of the dark story that we will be going down in the game. Mixed in will be some of the riddles and puzzles horror titles are known for as well as a bit of combat mixed in. We get to see a very small glimpse of that near the end of the trailer here which leads me to believe that the teams wanted this to be a smaller portion of the overall game. I could be wrong but that is the feeling I get here and since the other titles listed for Husk were in the same boat I wouldn't be too surprised by that at all. I guess we'll see in a few weeks now.

Have a look at what Husk will have for us here soon. Try not to get too weirded out by the mention of domestic abuse and other horrible things that are touched upon here. It is all fun and video games after all…

Husk — There Is No Place Like Home

“We are extremely excited that in less than a month players all over the world will be able to experience our debut game – the result of our cooperation with IMGN.PRO. In our newest trailer, we unveil some secrets about the main plot. Drawing on the elements of oneiric horror, in Husk we strive to touch upon real and often very painful problems. I’d rather not reveal any more details right now –you’ll soon be able to discover them on your own!”

Husk is a classic FPP survival horror game inspired by titles such as Silent Hill and Alan Wake. It includes combat, riddles, and a dark, intriguing story. The studios behind the game are IMGN.PRO (who also created KHOLAT) and the debuting UndeadScout. The soundtrack was composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski, and the promotional song for the game, “Road With No Return”, was written and produced by Peter Klett, former guitarist and co-founder of the iconic American band Candlebox.

What do you think about Husk here now that we have a date and new trailer? Do you see the inspirations mixed into the game here or is it still too soon to tell? Do you think that combat will be on the lighter side of the spectrum based on the trailer here or will it be heavily forced just to stay alive in the game? Let us know your thoughts on all of this and then discuss down in the comments. For more on Husk as we get closer to the release date, be sure to stick right here as we'll have all that we can scrounge up for you.