New Rumored Story Synopsis For Spider-Man Has Just Sprung Up


A new rumor for the new Spider-Man title coming to PS4 has popped up and could reveal some of Spider-Man's story as well as release year


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The rumor mill is totally churning and this time it is all about a title so many want anything extra on; Spider-Man. Not the upcoming Marvel film but the new video game announced from Insomniac Games way back at E3 last year that has been hit with all kinds of silence ever since. Although these latest rumors do come from a place where one would expect them for the Spider-Man film, these are all about the upcoming video game heading to the PS4. If the rumors are true then it could be heading to the PS4 sometime this year as well but that's not the big one going around right now even though it does make sense to be able to launch around the same time of the new film to cash in on the franchise more.

Anyways, what we also have here for Spider-Man happens to be what could be a plot synopsis that points toward just who we may be struggling against as Peter Parker and just which story-line that Insomniac could be going with. Of course, these rumors do come fresh from IMDB and could all just be made up to screw with us all so take that into account here.

As it sounds here, the main villain of Spider-Man will be the Green Goblin. Not as in the only villain we will face off against but the one pulling all of the strings. A comparison that is out there is like the Joker in the Arkham franchise. Other baddies will be there but all of them will be working for or with the Goblin to do whatever they all want to do to New York. Although other additions here also point out that the main villain could be Doctor Octopus or some unnamed clone of someone out there. Like I said, this could all be just bullshit and nothing truly substantial. It could also be that there are a few greater plots going on and that all of them could be spot on and this Spider-Man is just that robust.

What does seem a bit more interesting here is that no matter the rumored plot of Spider-Man here, it does sound like Insomniac Games could be doing a video game version of the Renew Your Vows story-line that kicked off here in the more recent comics. Peter is all grown up and honed his abilities extremely well. He's married and has a kid that he has to juggle into his life of fighting crime. At least that is how it all sounds here in the synopsis if they are true at all. This would make for one intense Spider-Man story to be told here and I know that would be the aim of the developer at the end of the day.

Spider-Man — PS4 Story Synopsis LEAKED!

Green Goblin as the main villain, Spidey-Wife and Daughter LEAKED! Spider-Man PS4 Story Synopsis was recently revealed prematurely on IMDB.Com, here's all the details and information you need to know and my opinions on it!

When Spider-Man faces a life threatening enemy Green Goblin and Mr. Negative, he must choose to either protect his wife that he is happily married to and his daughter who he happily cherishes or keep his well known identity a secrete from his enemies who plan a sinister idea to have Spider-Man reveal his identity to the world and be killed. Spider-Man must choose wisely in order for him, his family, and the people of the world to be safe and secured.

Like I said though, this could all just be false rumors posted to get us all excited for something that isn't coming to Spider-Man at all. I have a feeling that the release year could be the only thing close to being truly accurate here as it makes total sense given what else is going on with Marvel this year. Personally I'd love to see the Renew Your Vows line told here with a bit of Spider-Gwen mixed in, also maybe a Deadpool bromance, but we'll have to wait a bit longer before we get any real word out for this Spider-Man game. That is unless this is somewhat true and Insomniac wants to give us all the real story instead of just rumor.

Spider-Man — E3 2016

What are your thoughts on all of these rumors for the next Spider-Man video game? Do you see any merit in any of it or does the fact that it is on IMDB and not written out too well kind of poke huge holes at it? Which story-line would you like to see play out from the comics in this video game version or do you want it to be 100% new canon for the franchise? Let us know and discuss it all down in the comments. For more on Spider-Man as it is revealed you'll want to stick right here. We'll keep it all flowing out just as soon as we get it here.