Conan Exiles Is Opening The Early Flood Gates Here Real Soon

Conan Exiles

The dates for Conan Exiles' early access have been set as well as a new trailer showing off what we can expect Conan Exiles to bring us at the same time

We've seen some great stuff for Conan Exiles in the recent weeks and the game looks to be shaping up nicely here. It is looking like this could be the game that carries to franchise on and forward in the coming years and I am excited to be able to give the game a spin in the future. How far in the future is up to Funcom and thankfully it looks like those of us looking to try out Conan Exiles on the PC and Xbox One will be seeing that future soon. Like January 31st soon for those PC gamers out there and then "shortly after" for those looking to dive in on the Xbox One. All through the wonders of "Early Access…"

Yes, it has been announced that we will be getting a version of Conan Exiles to play around in that soon and we will soon be unleashing our own brutality. Or just surviving and building if that is how you want to play the game. We have options and it looks like they will be in full swing for Conan Exiles when it all comes. As for those hoping for the PS4 version of the game though it looks like it may be some time for that. Although it does seem odd that the platform has been all but dropped from the list it was originally on. I guess we'll see as we get closer to the end of the development cycle and into being able to play the game instead.

To go along with this announcement we also have some new gameplay footage for Conan Exiles to look at. It has been a while since we had some of this hasn't it? We've seen a lot of screenshots, CG trailers, and 360 slices but now we have a solid gameplay trailer from the alpha build of the game. Also it sounds like there is a bit more on the story as to why we are doing what we are doing in Conan Exiles outside of just having fun with the open-world game we are being presented with. Story is always fun and I hope it lasts longer than it felt like in Age Of Conan. Again though, we'll have to wait and see and hope. It looks like it is the only option as of now.

Conan Exiles — Xbox One & PC Announcement Trailer

Very soon gamers on both PC and Xbox One will get to journey to that very age in Funcom’s upcoming open-world survival game ‘Conan Exiles’. Starting January 31st 2017, players on PC will get to unleash their inner barbarian in Early Access. Soon after, Xbox One players too can jump into the fray as ‘Conan Exiles’ hits the Xbox One Game Preview program in the spring same year. Inspired by the great Robert E. Howard stories, ‘Conan Exiles’ will have players fighting to survive, build, and dominate their enemies in a vast and treacherous open-world in both single- and multiplayer.

Are you psyched to be able to give Conan Exiles a play here a lot sooner than we thought? When in "Spring of 2017" do you think we'll see it open up on the Xbox One? Do you think that this announcement puts a pin in the game coming to the PS4 or is this just because that platform doesn't have a solid way to do "Early Access" yet? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. As more on Conan Exiles comes out, we will have it here on the site. Be sure to stick right here so you can see and read everything that we can get to present to you.