Here Is Everything You Need To Know Before Setting Forth Into Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XV has released and it takes us through all of the aspects of Final Fantasy XV we did or didn't know just yet

In just over a week from now we will be diving into the world of Final Fantasy XV and seeing if the insanely long development cycle for the game is going to pay off. I have insanely high hopes that it will but it never hurts to be cautiously optimistic these days even though Square Enix has generally been able to pump out some great quality work over the franchise's nearly thirty year run. Gods that makes me feel old but it doesn't downplay my eagerness to give Final Fantasy XV a solid chunk of my remaining time here. It does sound like it could sap a year or two of life if all plays right. Or at least a couple hundred hours at the minimum.

Of course all of that is just pandering to you as the real reason we have you here is that we have a 101 video here for Final Fantasy XV. Pretty much just in case you haven't been following along during the whole time and missed out on a few things, we have this video to fill you in. It even has a few new bits for those out there who have been diligent in keeping up with all of the news and still need more before November 29th. Like the fact that the "summons" are actually "ancients" that you call upon for aid or just a bit more background on each of the compatriots you will be fighting alongside. Or that there will be a Wait Mode for battle to help lower the confusion in the heat of it all. I know I'm glad for the last one there.

Have a look for yourself and try to stay spoiler free on all of the other Final Fantasy XV news out there. Given that there have been quite a few places breaking the street date for the game this is something you'll have to be on the lookout for. But not here as it is just a breakdown of all of the things you'll get to see and play when you get your own copy of the game to play. We are almost there and excitement should be surging now.

Final Fantasy XV — 101 Trailer

Take an extended look at the characters, gameplay mechanics and more found in the living breathing world of Final Fantasy XV in the official 101 trailer!

How do you feel about Final Fantasy XV after seeing the latest video here for the game? Did you see a lot of items that you have not seen before or was it all "old hat" for you and something to just help pass the time? Are you also glad to see that there will be a Wait Mode in the combat to help slow things down and let us plan a bit better in the heat of it all? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on all of this down in the comments and discuss. For more on Final Fantasy XV, if there is any before launch, be sure to stick right here on the site as we'll keep bringing it all to you and with as few spoilers as we can.