Akuma Is Poised To Be One Of The Next Street Fighter V DLC Fighters

Street Fighter V

A new Street Fighter V teaser shows that Akuma will be joining the ranks during the Street Fighter V championships at PSX

It looks like the wait is going to be over soon for a character I know a lot of people have wanted to see join the ranks of Street Fighter V. It looks like Akuma is well on the way to be the next DLC character to show up in the game. While there isn't much to go on for now, Capcom is revealing everything at this year's PSX, we do have a new teaser video for Street Fighter V that shows off the fact he is coming. We'll have to wait until December 3rd to actually see anything as the main showing will be during the Capcom Cup. I know…boo for now.

This new little tease for Street Fighter V was shown off during the most recent Red Bull Battle Grounds competition over the weekend and sums up to about five actual seconds of the character on screen but it does show he is coming. That and there have been reports of Akuma graphics popping up all over the Fighters Network that has been set up for Street Fighter V. It just looks like he's been on his way for a while and now we only have a few more weeks to wait until see some sort of action. Most likely the usual V-Trigger show off that has been with every other character to date.

Have a look at the teaser here and then hold on to wait a bit more. Or at least speculate on what Akuma will be bringing with him to Street Fighter V when he is added on.

Street Fighter V — Akuma Teaser

Are you excited to see Akuma finally make it over to Street Fighter V now? Did you see this is something that was going to come at some point or did you think that Capcom left him out for good? What do you think his V-Trigger and Skill will be for the game? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and discuss. For more on Street Fighter V as it is given out, be sure to stay right here. We'll have all of the updates that you can shake and angry fist at.