It's Almost Time To Join The Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative

Mass Effect

A new tease for Mass Effect: Andromeda is here and it looks to be building up for yet another the next Mass Effect N7 day next week

Who doesn't like a good tease? A lot of people really but that doesn't mean that we don't have another one for Mass Effect: Andromeda just before the big N7 day that we are always made aware of from Bioware. At least that is the assumption here for the latest teaser video for the game that has been put out there. A nice little thing that wants you to join the Andromeda Initiative for Mass Effect while giving us really no clue what is going on. Just what all of the fans out there want from EA as we wait for more on this game. This is why I hate the whole PR thing as I know I just want the details and none of the hype that has been built just for it all.

Before you question, the Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative looks to be just a sign up for the newsletter for the game currently. Although given that there is mention of something coming when all is complete, it could be the start of some out-side-the-game marketing scheme to get you even more excited for the game as is all the rage for upcoming games. Although that is just a thought and we'll have to wait until next week to see exactly what is planned here for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Hopefully we'll get some true gameplay or a game breakdown video so we can all get a feel for where Bioware is with the game and hopefully when we will be able to expect it to launch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Join The Andromeda Initiative

The time has come to prepare for a future beyond the Milky Way. Be among the trailblazers to join the Andromeda Initiative and chart a course for humanity to explore an unknown galaxy. Sign-up now! Orientation begins November 7, 2016.

If you are one of those gamers that hate to be teased though, here is a look at some 'old' 4K video for Mass Effect: Andromeda so you don't have to walk away from this with something. Of course you may have already seen it but at least it shows us more than the tease above that is most likely for a marketing campaign that will excite us at first but leave us all wanting so much more in the end. I swear that these companies never learn or care what the gamers want out there for their favorite franchise. Maybe that is just me though…

Mass Effect: Andromeda — 4K Tech Video

What do you think that EA has in store for us for Mass Effect: Andromeda with this latest tease? Do you think that we'll get so more solid gameplay next week or will it be another short trailer to entice but show nothing? Do these kinds of things even hype you up for the games or are they just filler to remind you the game is still coming? Leave your thoughts and feelings down in the comments and discuss. As we get real information on Mass Effect: Andromeda we'll have it here for you. Be sure to stick around as hopefully next week will give us something major.