It Is Time To Get To Know Dishonored 2's Emily Kaldwin A Bit Better

Dishonored 2

A new video for Dishonored 2 has been released and it gives us a bit more insight into Dishonored 2's Emily Kaldwin

Here we go with yet another look at Dishonored 2 and this time around it is to highlight Emily Kaldwin from the game. Arkane Studios could have just left her where she was back at the end of the first game but since she was upgraded to playable character and given a whole bunch of new powers it is fitting we get to know here. I am sure we'll get even more when we play Dishonored 2 on November 11th but that won't help Bethesda push the game out the door and onto our PS4s, Xbox Ones, or PCs now will it? No it won't and hence we get these fun "looks" at the character and what makes them tick.

As it turns out, Emily isn't just another character to play in Dishonored 2 with a few new powers we didn't have before. She has grown up a bit over the years and it looks like all of her powers and abilities are fitting of someone who was once Empress of the land. I personally never looked at it all from that standpoint before now but it makes sense when you look at them all. The ability to mesmerize, grapple people and objects with a shadow whip, and link the fates of all those around her as she see fits. All of which tie back in some aspect and that is some really cool planning on their part. How did I miss that up to now?

Anyways, have a look at the new video for Dishonored 2 and maybe you'll learn a few things you didn't know before. I'm going to guess that we'll have one for Corvo at some point but given that we played his history and backstory in Dishonored already, it may be more or less what he's been doing in the downtime as well as how he is being reset to zero if we so choose to play him. I mean, we can't have him being the murder machine he was at the end of the last game throughout all of Dishonored 2 right? I'm guessing the new otherworldly character strips him all down somehow.

Dishonored 2 — Emily Kaldwin

“From a character design standpoint we say that Emily’s pillars are: Empress, Dunwall, Assassin,” Smith notes. This stands in contrast to Corvo (also playable in Dishonored 2), who comes from more humble beginnings and originally hails from Karnaca – the setting of the new game. When Emily’s throne is taken from her, she must leave Dunwall for the first time in her life. “The contrast for her is huge,” Smith says. “She was an Empress one day, the next day she’s on the run.”

But Emily isn’t just her own character with her own story. She also has unique powers to tackle the threats ahead. “When we decided that Emily got to have her own powers, they needed to be interesting enough to be as cool as Corvo’s,” says Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba. Find out more about Emily, her motivations, and her unique powers in the latest video, above.

Did you learn more about Emily than you already did for Dishonored 2? Does it make sense now that all her powers are kind of linked to the title of Empress in some way? Do you think that it is stretch to claim that and it is just Arkane Studios trying to make sense of things? Let us know your thoughts and feeling in the comments and discuss. For more on Dishonored 2 as Bethesda doles it out, be sure to stick right here as all of our fates are intertwined here for the game and we won't want to miss out on a single thing before launch.