Take To The Skies Of Battlefield 1 On The Majestic Wings Of A… Pigeon

Battlefield 1

Details on a new mission for Battlefield 1 show that we will be playing a portion of Battlefield 1 as a pigeon to save the day

We've seen some great things for Battlefield 1 so far and I know I am hyped for EA to release the game on October 21st but we have yet another mission to look at for the game and it may not be what you think. Some are questioning the minds over at DICE for this but it looks like we have a small mission mixed in where we play as a pigeon in the middle of the fire fight. That's right, Battlefield 1 will have playable pigeons in the game and it makes sense. At least for those who know a bit of the history of the real war and how the birds were used to help everyone out.

As it looks, there is a mission early on in Battlefield 1 called "Through Mud And Blood." We are part of a tank crew who is pinned down and their only option to defeat the enemy force is to send a carrier pigeon to HQ to call in an air strike. This is where we get to play the bird as it flies through rings of smoke to make it all the way to main base in hopes that it will all work out. If you want to see it in action you can look just a bit lower as we see another "major" outlet show off the small bit of gameplay here.

Battlefield 1 — Pigeon Mission

Early on in the single player campaign there's a mission called Through Mud and Blood where you play a tank crew overrun by enemy force. Their solution to the problem is to release a pigeon back to HQ with coordinates to call in an artillery strike. This then plays out with you as the bird, flying back through a series of floating rings to complete the objective.

I completely understand the significance of pigeons during WWI and why DICE has placed them into Battlefield 1 here but it does seem to be kind of a mooted gameplay experience. It does give us a great look at the ground fights and some of the Hell that is war but it seems like a bit of a waste of time or filler when you see it in action. I have a feeling that this will be used in other bits of gameplay for other flying things but I personally think they could have added in a bit more if they really wanted to show off how the birds were used in war. No, not by strapping them with bombs and making them weapons but make it all seem a bit more stressful. Maybe it is just me though.

Are you surprised to see something like this in Battlefield 1 or did you suspect it was going to happen from the onset? Do you think this is the only time that we are going to have this kind of gameplay in the game or will there be other instances be it plane or other instead of bird? What do you think happens if you miss one of the smoke rings while flying? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Battlefield 1 as we get it and get closer to the launch stay right here as we'll keep the updates rolling out as EA is willing to give them up to us.