Have Yet Another Look At Mafia 3's New Bordeaux & World

Mafia 3

Another inside look at Mafia 3 has been released and this one gives us a better look at Mafia 3's world and city we will be ripping up

There is one thing about Mafia 3 that we all should know by now and that is the game's 'openness.' Be it through the actual gameplay or through all of the inside looks that Hangar 13 has given u sever since the game was first announced. We know there has been a lot of Mafia 3 out there ourselves and it looks like there will be a lot more based on the new video that 2K Games has put out there showing off the game's world. Even with all of this so far I still feel like we have a lot more to go until the game launches on October 7th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

All in all there isn't much in the way of new footage or news for Mafia 3 or New Bordeaux in this new video as it is all the same footage. What is interesting to hear is that Hangar 13 is aiming to make this open world feel like a real one in terms of the human ecology and everything constantly moving as it would in the real world; even though this is all based on a real world place and not an actual one. But none the less we should be able to revisit places multiple times in the game and never see a repeat of things and events. Well, outside of the locations that need to stay in one place.

Have a look for yourself and then get even more prepared for Mafia 3 to finally launch. It's not like we haven't been ready for this for some time now. At least I couldn't tell if you couldn't…

Mafia 3 — Building An Open World

In this episode, the writers of Mafia 3 discuss the richness of the world of New Bordeaux.

What do you think about New Bordeaux here in Mafia 3 now that more of the skinny has been given? Do you think that they are aiming a little too high on the replay/revisiting levels here or do you think it will be just as claimed? Do you think that we are always going to see some of the same people always doing the same thing just because that is how the real world works? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Mafia 3 as it comes be sure to stay right here as we'll keep the news flowing out as we can.