Let's Have An Inside Look At Mafia 3's Marcanos Family

Mafia 3

Another insider look at Mafia 3 is here and this time we get to see the family that runs it all in Mafia 3, at least from the start

Every good story has a big bad villain and here in Mafia 3 there is no difference. We all know it as the Italian mob so far but as it turns out, Hangar 13 has a deeper and richer story for us all as it comes to the group. They aren't just the faceless villains as we've had in the past titles that 2K Games has given us but in Mafia 3 we get to see them and interact with them. All the way up until they turn on us and then we have to systematically kill them all. Just as we have been shown before.

Well, here we have yet another insider look at Mafia 3 with The Marcanos and just what their role is in all of this. They are the wise guys who run all of the crime down here and they are allowed these freedoms as long as they allow the rest of "the family" to ship off anyone that they need to; and they get placed into work. This is how Vito gets mixed up in all of this again as he is here to "retire" but I'm guessing now that this was against his own will. That would make sense as to why he is out for blood again.

Have a look at what we have here though and see just how they all fit into the larger scale of Mafia 3. It may not be much more in terms of gameplay but the writers here do give us all a great look at just what to expect in the final game.

Mafia 3 — The Marcanos

The Mafia III writers give us a closer look at family ties and the Marcano bloodline in this episode.

What do you think of The Marcanos in Mafia 3 based on all of this? Do you think they will truly be a force to deal with or will there be a bigger fish to fry? Does it make sense now that Vito is mixed in from all of this here? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Mafia 3 be sure to stay right here as we'll keep bringing you all of the fun news as it comes out.