Meet The Men Who Will Influence The End Result Of Mafia 3

Mafia 3

Another character video for Mafia 3 has been released and here we get to see the two men who will help guide Lincoln as the events of Mafia 3 play out for us

We may have seen these two men in the background of the videos for Mafia 3 but as it turns out, it looks like some of the supporting cast will have a greater effect on the overall game than just being there. In yet another character video from 2K Games to show things off it looks like we have a look at the priest and CIA operative that have been all over but not talked about much by Hangar 13. That is of course until now as we have a deeper look at how these two men will influence the outcomes of Mafia 3 for their own goals or the "soul" of Lincoln Clay.

First we get a quick look at Father James. This would be the priest we see in all of those Mafia 3 video so far and it looks like he is out to keep Lincoln on the straight and narrow. Then you have John Donovan who is Clay's CIA handler from Vietnam who is trying to ensure that all of those Italian mobsters get what is coming to them for what they did. Pretty much the other side of the coin here as I don't think that he is going to preach temperament and compassion when it comes to dealing with all of these thugs. I guess we'll see but I don't see that happening.

Mafia 3 — Father James And John Donovan

Two men from two very different worlds: Father James Ballard, the spiritual and adoptive uncle to Lincoln Clay. John Donovan, CIA Handler and trusted source for Clay while he served in Vietnam. Both will guide Lincoln during his path of vengeance against the Italian Mafia. Only one road will ultimately determine his future. Which will it be?

The more interesting part of all of this is the fact that I have yet to hear about any kind of morality system coming into Mafia 3 to date and that is what this all sounds like. At least if we go with the usual stereotypes the characters are playing here. Of course they could just be there to help run the story a specific way but now that we get to see the two of them show up in the same location this could mean something towards a morality system. Hangar 13 has yet to fully speak on that so this could all just be reading too far into things but it's not like that doesn't happen all of the time. Does it?

What are your thoughts on these two in Mafia 3? Do you think that this means that we could be seeing a morality system of sorts in the game on top of the turf war or am I just seeing something that isn't going to be there? Which side of the conflict would you want to go down if we do have to make these hard choices here? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Mafia 3 be sure to keep your eyes locked in here as we'll keep bringing you all of the new tidbits let loose out there.