See What It's Like To Wear The Cowl In Batman: Arkham VR


A new look at Batman: Arkham VR shows us all a bit of the gameplay as well as what it may be like to become Batman in the Arkham franchise

There has been a lot of buzz around Batman: Arkham VR since it was first announced and so very few fans have been able to fully experience this PlayStation VR exclusive game/experience. Even out of SDCC it looks like only about 500 fans had a chance to give Rocksteady Games' run in the VR space a try and it has been a lot few out of E3 where Warner Bros. brought the same thing. I know a lot of people out there are still wondering what to expect for Batman: Arkham VR when it launches this October but some of the wait is being mitigated now with a new gameplay video for it.

For all of those who have yet to see it in action here we get to see that Batman: Arkham VR on the basic level looks to be more or less like a training simulator to become the Bat. At least based on these demos and gameplay shown here as we'll be tossing Batarangs and beating up digital thugs when not just walking around the Batcave. I'm hoping that there will be a lot more than just this for Batman: Arkham VR but given my limited experience and what has been released so far this is what it looks like in a nutshell…or Batshell if we want to keep with the poor naming.

Here's a short look at what to expect when Rocksteady Games brings us Batman: Arkham VR this October. Until then we can speculate and hope for a lot more to be added but I wouldn't be overly surprised if this is it and it is just a whole slew of fun little events with limited story linking it all in. It's not like they would want to keep milking the franchise without trying to bring us more right?

Batman: Arkham VR — Wear The Cowl

What do you think about Batman: Arkham VR now that you've been able to see some of it for yourself? Do you think this will be a great game/experience or will this just be holding the company over until their next big title is ready to show off? Do you think that we'll have some true story here or will it all be mini-games of sorts? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss down in the comments. For more on Batman: Arkham VR as it comes out in any form be sure to stay right here as we'll keep bringing it all as we get our hands on it.