Get An Even Closer Look At Mafia 3's Cassandra Here

Mafia 3

A new behind the scenes video for Mafia 3 has been let loose and it gives us even more insight into Mafia 3's Cassandra; the Voodoo Queen

I know I was looking forward to hearing more about the lieutenants of Mafia 3, specifically the third one, and it looks like we have more right here. Sadly, it isn't on the third lieutenant but a behind the scenes video from Hangar 13 on more of Cassandra's motives and wants in the game and overall story. I was pretty sure that we had a good taste from 2K Games so far on Cassandra out of Mafia 3 to keep us up to snuff until October 7th. I guess it's just time to tease us a bit more and give us another fun look at the writing process of the game.

All of this is in the following video here but as a refresher, Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian mob in the game's world. She's been having nothing but trouble trying to get a hold of any turf and looks to Lincoln to help with this as he tries to take down the Italian Mob for revenge. She doesn't fully trust him as she thinks he may be blinded by rage but as long as he keeps giving here the ground she wants it will be a worthwhile partnership. Of course our choices and events of Mafia 3 will mold that one way or the other but that is the long and short of it all.

Go ahead and have a look at the new behind the scenes video for Mafia 3 that has just come out. Hopefully we'll see more on the other lieutenants in short time but I guess we have only this to tide us over. Maybe Hangar 13 will give us the breakdown of each of the others in the same way and they are only saving the best for last. Or at least the presumed best for last if we all remember Mafia 2 and all of its events. If not, then you may want to go back and give it a solid play once again.

Mafia 3 — Inside Look At Cassandra

Was any of this new to you or was this all an interesting addition to Mafia 3 so far? Do you think that this is just 2K Games' way of holding off from showing Vito too soon? Do you think that Cassandra will turn on you no matter what in the overall story based on these tidbits or do you think she'll play nice as long as we play nice? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Mafia 3 be sure to keep checking in here as we'll keep the information flowing on out as we can find it.