Join Thomas Burke As He Hunts Down The Mob In Mafia 3

Mafia 3

The next lieutenant of Mafia 3 has been given the trailer treatment and here we get to know Mafia 3's Thomas Burke, the anarchist of the bunch

Last week we got to see the Voodoo Queen for Mafia 3 and now this week we get to see the Anarchist in action for the game. This would be the Irish fellow we've seen in the past videos that 2K Games has given us and the most chaotic addition for the bunch. If it hadn't been said already I'd almost be certain that the Mafia 3 scenes we saw at E3 from Hangar 13 would always play out the same way based on his persona. But in case you had no clue who he was or how he acts, we have a new trailer for the game that showcases Mr. Burke for us just as before.

Just as before there isn't much more on Mafia 3's gameplay or story truly revealed here but you get to know just why Thomas Burke was ready to join the ranks of Lincoln Clay to strike back at the mob. I'm sure the finer details are being held for the game specifically but as has been alluded to before, Burke was betrayed and shamed and he is not the kind of personality to let that slide right off his back. Not that the negative stereotype of the Irish the team is going here would allow for us to think that would be an option but now it is nailed on the head. Have to love stereotypes right?

Mafia 3 — Thomas Burke - The Anarchist

Thomas Burke knows what makes New Bordeaux tick: Moonshine and hot cars. A lifetime of drinking, gambling and running rackets in “Bourbon City” has taken its toll on the man and the Irish mob he runs. Then the Italian Mafia muscled into his territory. But how long can a man be pushed before he starts pushing back? Maybe with Lincoln Clay’s help he can finally be in charge of his own destiny again.

Mafia 3 is still slated to release on October 7th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We also have one more of the crew to have featured here and I am going to guess that will be sometime next week. Then we'll most likely get just general reminder updates to make sure we all still remember Mafia 3 and to get us mostly ready to take on the mob again. That is if they don't deviate from the perceived plan that we've been shown already.

What are your thoughts on Mafia 3's Thomas Burke here? Do you think that he is going to be the hardest member of the crew to always control or will it be easier if you give him more territory throughout the game's story? Doesn't he seem to be like the kind of guy that would stab us in the back near the end of it all no matter what we do? Let us know your thoughts on everything and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Mafia 3 be sure to stay right here as we will keep bringing you more as it all comes out. You won't want to miss a morsel.